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My Law School

Student Handbook

This handbook is designed to introduce you generally to the Law School. It also brings together all the various academic rules and regulations that apply to you as a law student. Please read this handbook carefully! You are on notice of its contents.

  1. Introduction
  2. USC School of Law Building and Facilities
      1. Building Use Policies
      2. Parking
      3. No Smoking Policy
      4. Law Library
      5. Computer Labs
      6. Lockers
      7. Mailboxes; Emergency Messages
  3. Degree Requirements
      1. Credit for All First Year Courses
      2. Compliance with Second and Third Year Hour Requirements
      3. Passing Grade in 90 Semester Hours of Course Work; Effect of F
      4. Cumulative Grade Point Average of Not Less than 2.00
      5. Satisfaction of the Residency Requirement
  4. Law School Credit for Course Work
      1. Drop/Add Date
      2. Auditing
      3. Class Attendance
      4. Completion of Course Work at Another ABA/AALS Approved Law School and Distance Education
      5. Co-curricular Activities
      6. Outside Employment While Enrolled as a “Full Time Student”
      7. Pass/Fail Grading
      8. Summer School
      9. Supervised Legal Research
      10. Transfer Students
      11. University Courses Outside the Law School
      12. Dual Degree Programs
  5. Probation and Dismissal for Failure to Meet Academic Requirements
  6. Student Petitions
      1. Readmission after Academic Dismissal
      2. Academic Forgiveness
      3. Withdrawal from Law School
      4. Readmission after Withdrawal
      5. Postponement of Examinations and Papers
      6. Waiver of Graduation Requirements
      7. Waiver of the 10% Attendance Requirement
      8. Hardship Admission to Courses
      9. Approval of Course Credit
      10. Other Petitions
  7. Honor Code and Disciplinary Procedures
      1. Definitions
      2. Honor Code
      3. Disciplinary Procedures
      4. Provisions on Arrest Reporting
  8. Student/Faculty Relations
      1. Student-Faculty Compact
      2. Faculty Teaching Responsibility
      3. Classroom Computer Usage
      4. Grading
      5. Student Evaluations of Faculty
      6. Student Grievance Procedures
      7. Student Participation in the Governance of the Law School Under the Faculty By-Laws
      8. Notification of Student Rights Under FERPA
      9. University of South Carolina Policy Statement Certification of English Language Proficiency for Teaching
  9. Student Affairs
      1. Student Affairs
      2. Career Services
      3. Registrar and Academic Services
      4. Students with Disabilities
  10. Co-curricular Activities and Student Organizations
  11. Student Awards, Special Scholarships, and Honorary Societies
      1. Student Awards
      2. Special Scholarships
      3. Honorary Societies