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Department of Statistics

Undergraduate Program Resources

If you are a statistics major at South Carolina, if you are thinking of changing your major to statistics (or adding a statistics double major), see what studying statistics is all about. 

Undergraduate Program Information


All about Majoring in Statistics

What studying statistics here is all about.

Information about the 5-year Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program in Statistics

Career Prospects for Statisticians are looking good. See the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook for statisticians and for actuaries.

Students interested in a career in actuarial science should read this valuable Guide to Becoming an Actuary, written by Kara Sulzer, who graduated in 2019 with her B.S. degree in statistics.  Kara wrote this guide as her senior honors thesis under the direction of Dr. Karl Gregory.

Testimonials About the Statistics Major from Statistics B.S. Degree Graduates


Minoring in Statistics

A Minor in Statistics consists of 18 hours of 500-level statistics courses. Minor credit will be given for at most one of STAT 509 and STAT 515. Students need to register for the Statistics Minor in the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Office, Flinn Hall.

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Undergraduate Director: Dr. Brian Habing

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