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Department of Geography


Jerry Mitchell

Title: Research Professor and Director, Center of Excellence for Geographic Education
Department: Geography
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-2986
Office: 113-A Callcott
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Department of Geography
Jerry Mitchell


Dr. Jerry T. Mitchell is the Director of the Center of Excellence for Geographic Education and a Research Professor of Geography. He is also a faculty affiliate with the Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute. He has authored more than fifty articles and book chapters, with work appearing in the journals Natural Hazards Review, Environmental Hazards, Cartography and GIS, and the Annals of the American Association of Geographers. Dr. Mitchell served as Editor of Journal of Geography from 2010 through 2019 and will serve as President the National Council for Geographic Education in 2020.



  • Environmental hazards
  • Geography education
  • Latin America



GEOG 221: Geography of South Carolina
GEOG 223: Geography of Latin America
GEOG 223M: Geography of Latin America (Chile – Study Abroad)
GEOG 330M: Geography of Disasters (Costa Rica – Study Abroad)
GEOG 561: Contemporary Issues in Geography Education
GEOG 710: Seminar in Geography Education


Representative Publications 

Collins, L. and J. T. Mitchell. 2018. "Teaching Training in GIS: What Is Needed for Long-Term Success?" International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education. Forthcoming.

Mitchell, J. T., G. Roy, S. Fritch, and B. Wood. 2018. “Teacher Training in GIS: Lessons Learned from High-Needs Schools.” Cartography and Geographic Information Science. 45(4): 292-304.

Mitchell, J. T. 2018. “Pre-Service Teachers Learn to Teach Geography: A Suggested Course Model.” Journal of Geography in Higher Education. 42(2): 238-260.

Mitchell, J. T. and P. Hare. 2018. “Professional Development for the Advanced Placement Human Geography Teacher: Present Practice and Prospect for Change.” The Geography Teacher. 15(2): 68-79.

Mitchell, J. T. and L. Collins. 2018. “Into the Field": An Exercise in Exploring Local and Not-so Local Landscapes.” The Geography Teacher. 15(3): 106-116.

Fleming, J. and J. T. Mitchell. 2017. “Effects of Giant Traveling Map Use on Student Spatial Thinking.” The Geographical Bulletin. 58(2): 67-77.

Dawson, J. and J. T. Mitchell. 2017. “Bitter Sweets: Mapping Pineapples, Hospitality, and Slavery.” The Geography Teacher. 14 (3): 118-129.

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