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Department of Biological Sciences

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Resources and Facilities

As a biology student in the College of Arts and Sciences, you'll have access to excellent facilities and resources for research. Research is an integral part of most of the degrees we offer.

Resources and Facilities

Center for Colon Cancer Research

The Center for Colon Cancer Research (CCCR) at the University of South Carolina, the first of its kind in the state, was established in 2002 to conduct innovative research on colorectal cancer that will lead to improved methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Electron Microscopy Center

The Electron Microscopy Center at the University of South Carolina is a core facility providing all levels of technical support and consultation in the area of light microscopy, electron microscopy and elemental analysis.

Microarray Center

The Microarray Center is part of the South Carolina College of Pharmacy.

Baruch Institute

Learning to care for our incredible coast requires a hands-on approach. That’s why, in addition to our lab facilities in Columbia, we study in our 17,500-acre living laboratory at the coast.

Peromyscus Center

The Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center of the University of South Carolina maintains and distributes animals of the genus Peromyscus to investigators. In addition it conducts research to exploit the value of Peromyscus as an experimental animal model.

A.C. Moore Herbarium

Providing services and educational outreach to the public and researchers alike, the A. C. Moore Herbarium is "The Peoples' Herbarium". At just over 120,000 dried plant specimens, the A. C. Moore Herbarium houses the largest collection in the state of South Carolina.

Mass Spectrometry Center

The Mass Spectrometry Center in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department provides centralized access to high performance mass spectrometry resources for researchers at USC as well as to public and private institutions in South Carolina.