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Department of Biological Sciences


Advisement is the process by which students will be provided course recommendations and curricular advise that will help them stay on track for timely graduation. Advisement occurs once each semester (generally after fall/spring break) in preparation for the suceeding semester.  Students are encouraged to seek the advice of their faculty advisor any time during the academic year.


Students interested in a Biological Sciences major will be required to complete major prerequisites including a two-semester sequence of Introductory Biology  with accompanying laboratories (BIOL 101/101L and 102/102L) as well as a two-semester sequence of Introductory Chemistry with accompanying laboratories (CHEM 111/111L and 112/112L) as part of their Carolina Core requirements.  

After major pre-requisites are met, majors are required to earn a total of 28 hours of course credit that provide a focus on Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (BIOL 301), Cell and Molecular Biology (BIOL 302), and Genetics (BIOL 303) before allowing students to specialize in upper-level courses that meet their specific interests and educational goals.  Additionally, majors will be required to complete organic chemistry and associated non-chemistry-major laboratories (CHEM 333/331L and 334/332L).

Potential students may find the following documents helpful while deciding whether a Biological Sciences major is the appropriate choice for their personal academic and profession development:

Curriculum Checklist [PDF]
Biological Sciences Program of Study [PDF]
Biological Sciences Major Map [PDF]

Freshman Advisement

Freshman are advised during orientation for their first semester and are assigned a First-Year Adviser to guide them through the critical first year of college.  First-year advisors for Biology students are located in Coker Life Sciences Room 106.

General Advisement

After their freshman year, Biological Sciences Majors will be assigned an advisor chosen from among Department of Biological Sciences personnel for continued individualized guidance towards successful graduation and personal success.