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Department of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Courses

The Department offers a wide range of courses designed to develop a solid foundation in biological principles, as well as specializing in areas such as integrative, plant, cancer, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.  Additionally, there are options for courses with credit towards your major for experiential learning opportunities like undergraduate research and teaching.  Whatever your interests, we've got you covered.  

Current Course Offerings 

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Biology Course Catologs

This is the full list of courses the Department of Biological Sciences has been approved to teach, but these courses are not offered every term. Please check Current Course Offerings for availablity.

Biology Course Override

When requesting an override, be aware that:
1) we are legally unable to override above fire code seat capacity,
2) submitting this form does not guarantee a spot in any course, and
3) after filling our the request for completely and accurately, we will process the requests in the order in which they are received.