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Health Sciences Studio at the ASC

Health Sciences Studio takes place in the ASC Studio (2nd Floor, Medford Library) Tuesdays from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

What Is Health Sciences Studio?

Health Sciences Studio is a service designed to help students who could use a boost in the following classes: 

  • BIOL 206, 243, 244, and 250
  • CHEM 102
  • NURS 208 and 220

During these weekly sessions, tutors are on hand to help you review difficult concepts and practice study skills that can help you succeed in these demanding courses. 

You can feel free to stay for the full hour, or you can come for only as long as you need. These sessions provide the kind of expert tutoring we offer in our full-hour individual sessions but in smaller bites, all in a great study environment to help you focus and succeed.