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Faculty and Staff

Tania Wolochwianski

Title: Senior Instructor, Spanish
Department: Division of Humanities (Spanish)
USC Lancaster
Phone: 803-313-7082
Fax: 803-313-7106
Office: Founders Hall 117


I was born and raised in Mexico City. When I was thirty-one, I moved to the U.S. with my husband and two young daughters. We knew little English. Remembering that time helps me understand the challenges that some of my students encounter while learning a foreign language and motivates me to help them overcome them.  I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BA in Spanish and a Masters in Spanish Literature.  I have been teaching for more than eighteen years and a decade at the University of South Carolina, where I truly love working with both traditional and non-traditional students.  I have been teaching Beginning Spanish I, II, Elementary Spanish and Basic Proficiency as well as Intermediate Spanish regularly.   Coursework is also offered in Advance Spanish.  In addition, I help students with the foreign language placement testing.  At the University of South Carolina, I enjoy advising and guiding my students in their discovery and mastery of the Spanish language.