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Student Disability Resource Center

Campus Resources

Counseling Services (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Work one-on-one with a trained and licensed mental health provider to work toward growth and self-improvement in a safe and confidential environment

Website: Counseling and Psychiatry 
Phone: 803-777-5223
Campus Location: Thompson Building, Second-Fourth floors

Psychiatric Services (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Our providers can help with psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis and treatment recommendations for mental, emotional and behavioral problems.

Website: Counseling and Psychiatry 
Phone: 803-777-1833
Campus Location: Thompson Building, Second-Fourth floors

University Health Services (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Comprehensive medical and mental health care services on campus

Website: University Health Services 
Phone: 803-777-3175
Campus Location: Center for Health and Well-Being

Student Success Center (Undergraduate)

One-stop-shop for academic support services on campus

Website: Student Success Center
Email Address: 
Campus Location: Thomas Cooper Library, Mezzanine Level


Writing Center (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Helps students during any part of the writing process

Website: The Writing Center
Phone: 803-777-2078
Campus Location: Byrnes Building, Room 703

Career Center (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Educates and empowers students and alumni in their development of a lifelong career 

Website: Career Center
Email Address:
Campus Location: Thomas Cooper Library, Level 5


Graduate Student Association (Graduate)

Dedicated to the advancement and development of Graduate and Professional Students at USC

Website: Graduate Student Association
Email Address: 
Campus Location: Russell House, Room 227C

National Fellowship and Scholar Programs (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Oversees the application process for nationally competitive fellowships

Website: National Fellowships and Scholar Programs
Phone: 803-777-9058
Campus Location: DeSaussure Building, Room 328

Voter Registration (Undergraduate and Graduate)

To register in your state visit: 


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