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Student Disability Resource Center

Student Alternative Testing FAQs

Our alternative testing FAQs can help ease the understanding of our process and answer many questions that you may have.  

Student FAQs


General Exam Questions

Before you'll be able to submit a test request, you must request your Faculty Notification Letters (FNL) first.  Learn how to request your Faculty Notification Letters that are necessary each semester. 
Do be aware that you might be prompted to complete the "Faculty & Staff Communication Waiver" (once per term) and "Student Accommodations Approval Verification" (once ever, first time logging into AIM).
  1. Sign into AIM Student Portal.  Log in with your university credentials which will include the Duo Authentication process.
  2. Select "Alternative Testing" link from "My Accommodations" side menu.  
  3. Select class you wish to schedule an exam for.  Choose from drop down menu and then click “Schedule an Exam” button.

    ** If you do not see your course listed, this means that your alternative testing agreement HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED and you are unable to schedule alternative testing at this time.  Please contact us immediately at to make us aware.

  4. Complete required exam information fields and submit your request.  This includes fields:
    1. Request Type (e.g., Quiz, Standard Exam, Final)
    2. Date of test
    3. Time of test
    4. Services Requested (your testing accommodations with appear here, for example, Extra Time 1.50x)
    5. Required Technology (e.g., Online Exam)
    6. Additional Note.  Please share any additional information the proctor needs to know.
  5. Click "Add Exam Request."
    1. If you submit a late request (less than 5 business days), you must submit a reason on a second page of the form.  
    2. Your request will not go through if you do not complete this step.

If you have questions related to this, please contact the SDRC Testing Coordinator at, 803-576-8457, or 803-777-6142.

Please contact the Test Proctoring Center.  We will notify your instructor of your dilemma.  Please be aware that your professor reserves the right to cancel the exam or deduct your extended time.

Within your AIM portal, you are able to view all of your accommodations. By logging into the AIM Student Portal you can view your Eligibility by going to the left-hand navigation pane and finding the section titled "My Accommodations". Beneath that, you will find a section titled "My Eligibility". By selecting "My Eligibility" you will be able to view all of your approved accommodations. 

Before the Exam

  • The SDRC recommends that students go through their syllabi at the beginning of each semester, and schedule all of their exams for all classes. This ensures that you are guaranteed a seat in our Proctoring Suite. 
  • The late request deadline is now five (5) business days. You should request to take your exam with accommodations at least five (5) business days prior to your exam. 
  • For assistance with signing up for an exam through AIM, review information related to "How do I schedule an exam through AIM?" under "General Questions".
  • You can still schedule a late exam through AIM.
  • We will only be able to accommodate this request if:
    1. We have a seat available at the time you requested and
    2. We are able to get the exam from your instructor in time
  • Requesting your exam at least 5 business days in advance guarantees you a seat in our Testing Suite and ensures that your professor has ample time to make the necessary adjustments. 
  • If you put in a late request, please call our Testing Suite at 803-576-8457 to confirm your request. 

Let us know! We can follow up with your instructor with a reminder to complete the Alternative Testing Agreement. You can also send them a friendly reminder to complete it, and let them know the link to complete the agreement is in the Faculty Notification Letter they received for you.

Here is a sample email you could send to your instructors: 

Dear Instructor,

I would like to submit an exam request to Student Disability Resource Center to take your exam with my extended time accommodation. 

I am unable to submit exam requests until instructors complete the Alternative Testing Agreement. The link to the agreement is in the Faculty Notification Letter you received for me. 

I believe our next exam is on xx-xx-xxxx. 

I'd appreciate your help for me to receive my accommodation of extended test time.  

Test Proctoring Suite is located in Close-Hipp building, 2nd floor, room 203.  Lockers will keep your bookbag and other non-test items safe during your test time.  SDRC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

To be allowed to take test: 

  1. Arrive on time.  You may start 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after your scheduled time, but your end time will not change. If you arrive 15 minutes after your scheduled time, you may not be able to take the test.
  2. Bring your USC ID.  You will need to display this to receive test.

To be aware of before you arrive to take test:

  • Bring all necessary materials.  This would include pencils/pens, scantrons, calculators, and materials indicated by your Instructor on the Alternative Testing Agreement.
  • Restroom breaks are allowed.  You must sign in and sign out with the proctor.  Breaks longer than five minutes may be reported to the instructor.  Breaks should not exceed a total of 10 minutes per hour if you have test breaks accommodation.  (Speak with your coordinator if your disability requires breaks in excess of 10 minutes per hour.)
  • Testing materials are not allowed outside the testing room during your exam period.
  • Advise our test proctors of any personal or medical needs that may arise.  Please let us know before the beginning of your exam and notify us immediately if you encounter any difficulty during your test.

During the Exam

If you log into your exam and see that your time has not been adjusted appropriately, please log out of the exam immediately and email both the professor and the SDRC Testing Coordinator at

If you do not log out of your exam, we may not be able to do anything to assist you afterwards. 

  • Email your instructor immediately so they have a timestamp of when you were having issues. 
  • Take a screenshot of the issue (if possible).
  • If you are having WiFi or connection issues, please contact DoIT at 803-777-1800

Online Exam Questions

That depends. If your professor has set up a proctoring service (Respondus Monitor, ProctorU, etc.) you will also use that service for proctoring.

If your instructor is using ProctorU for proctoring your online exam, there may be a fee associated with that service. You will not be expected to pay extra due to your extended time accommodation. If you have questions about ProctorU, please call the Testing Suite at 803-576-8457.

  • If your professor is allowing multiple days to take an exam and you would like to take it over the weekend, please email both the professor and the SDRC Testing Coordinator at
  • As a reminder, SDRC staff and DoIT staff are not available on weekends should something happen with your exam. Please plan accordingly.



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