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Student Disability Resource Center

Classroom Accessibility

An open mind and a few minor adjustments can make a substantial difference in fostering the success of your students, .

Make Your Class Accessible

Improve the accessibility of your Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as PDF files and videos you create.

7 Ways to Make Your Class Accessible [docx] 

Syllabi Statements

Faculty and staff are encouraged to discuss accommodations with students at the beginning of each semester. You may want to include one of these statements on your syllabi:

  • Shorter Version:
    Any student with a documented disability should contact the Student Disability Resource Center at 777-6142 to make arrangements for appropriate accommodations.
  • Longer Version:
    Students with Disabilities: The University of South Carolina provides high-quality services to students with disabilities, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. Students with disabilities needing academic accommodations should: (1) Register with and provide documentation to the Student Disability Resource Center in Close-Hipp, Suite 102, and (2) Discuss with the instructor the type of academic or physical accommodations you need. Please do this as soon as possible. All course materials are available in alternative format upon request.


Test Proctoring

Students authorized by the Student Disability Resource Center for testing accommodations can take exams with their class, in class with appropriate test accommodations arranged by the instructor or in our test proctoring room with appropriate test accommodations.

For a student to receive test proctoring accommodations, the student must:

  • be registered with the Student Disability Resource Center
  • submit a proctor request form at least 5 business days before the scheduled exam date 
  • have notified their instructor about their accommodations

Proctoring Room Procedure

  1. Student submits request and schedules exam proctoring.
    To initiate the process and schedule an exam proctoring session, the student must request their exam through AIM. If the student needs to take the test at a different time due to class schedule conflicts or proctoring availability, the student will have to obtain permission from the professor to test at a different time.

  2. Instructor receives confirmation, and submits the exam.
    The instructor will receive a confirmation email with the student's appointment for their proctored test and instructions on how to proceed, including a link to upload the exam.
    • The instructor must submit the exam to our office by 12 noon the day before the test is to be administered. You can upload itto AIM, or deliver it in person to our Test Proctoring Suite in Close-Hipp, Suite 203.
    • If the exam requires a Scantron, you must provide it with each exam. We do not provide or store Scantrons.
    • If your student needs enlarged print, makes the exam in a Word document so we can make the appropriate accommodations.
    • Students requiring exams in Braille or an alternate format will be accommodated on a case by case basis.
  3. Questions, late arrivals, and cheating.
    • If students are unclear about exam instructions, the test proctor will follow the instructions provided by the professor on the Professor's Test Proctoring Form. If a cell phone or email was provided, please be prepared to answer in real time.
    • If a student arrives late for a test, the test proctor reserves the right to require the student to reschedule the test with the professor.
    • If a student is caught cheating or suspected of cheating, the student will be referred directly to the Office of Student Conduct and the professor will be notified.
  4. Exam pick-up.
    Instructors can receive the completed test through e-mail or you can pick up the completed test from Close-Hipp, Suite 203. You can also designate a representative to pick up the exam. Professors and/or designees will be required to sign for the exam, and will also be required to present an I.D.

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