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Russell House

Priority Scheduling

The Priority Scheduling process, outlined in STAF 3.25, is the time-period designated by the Russell House director when reservations are solicited for placement prior to space being made available to the campus community.

Per USC policy, requests for Russell House facilities are processed in the following priority order:

Priority A - University-wide events that promote broad participation or events related recruitment, orientation, and commencement.

Priority B - Priority events as designated by the Russell House Director. Requests for this phase is handled via an online form.

Priority C - Carolina Productions - in its role as the student program board at the University of South Carolina, Carolina Productions performs a function that is integral to the stated mission and goals of the Russell House University Union. In addition to reserving confirmed events during the priority scheduling period, Carolina Productions may reserve up to sixteen "open" dates per semester.

Priority D - Student Organizations - During this period, student organization exclusively will use 25Live to request space. This priority period is limited to student organization requests only. This time frame lasts two weeks and encompasses requests for both special events and recurring meetings, one-off tablings, etc.

Priority E - University Units - During this phase, reservation requests are accepted from the entire university community

Priority F - Non-University entities - The Russell House may from time-to-time accommodate event requests from non-university entities. To be considered, typically these events would take place with the academic calendar is not in session.

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