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Payroll Department

Student Account Codes

When processing student hires in VIP, the appropriate graduate or undergraduate account code should be selected.

Account Codes by Student Type

Type of Student Code
Graduate Teaching Assistant 51351
Graduate Staff Assistant 51352
Graduate Research Assistant 51353
Graduate Instructional Assistant 51354
Enrolled Hourly Graduate Assistant 51355
Graduate Residence Assistant (Housing) 51357
Non-Enrolled Hourly Graduate Assistant 51370
Type of Student Code
Undergraduate Supplemental Instruction (Student Life) 51417
Undergraduate Residence Assistant (Housing) 51418
Undergraduate Student Research Assistant 51419
Enrolled Hourly Undergraduate Assistant 51420
Not Enrolled Hourly Undergraduate Assistant 51423
Type of Student Code
Undergraduate Work Study - Hourly 51422
Graduate Work Study with Assistantship 51425
Graduate Work Study - No Assistantship 51426
Undergraduate Work Study - Summer Non-enrolled 51424
Graduate Work Study - Summer Non-enrolled 51424