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Instructor Resources

As a hybrid instructor, you will be supported in building your courses by our office, by the Center for Teaching Excellence, and by the Office of Distributed Learning.  We will help make the transition to hybrid instruction a successful one for you.

Delivery and Course Creation Options

Many hybrid courses at USC are hosted using a virtual platform such as Blackboard. The virtual platform, which makes the session live or synchronous, allows you to observe class-level audio and visual materials in real-time.

In a hybrid environment it is essential to have a detailed and extensive syllabus in place and available to students prior to the first class meeting. The syllabus serves as a roadmap for the course.  Each hybrid course could be different in synchronicity, length, structure and technology.  Because the online sessions require the use of technology, including the minimum technical requirements is critical.

Giving students access to the syllabus prior to the first class meeting allows them to be better prepared for discussions around expectations of the course. They can also prepare to have the technology resources needed for the hybrid course.

Items to Address in the Syllabus

Be sure to address course expectations in the syllabus, as well as during the first synchronous class meeting.  Always allow time for questions.

  • Discuss the format of the hybrid course, including the detailed schedule.
  • Include exact dates and times for synchronous class meetings (both in the classroom and online).
  • Discuss the amount of work that is required for the course.
  • Walk through the technology and the course environment.
  • Identify the required assignments and due dates and times.
  • Identify best times and methods for students to communicate with the instructor and fellow students.
  • Provide contact information for technical assistance and academic support.
  • Explain the protocol for cancelled classes.
  • Remind students that with any type of technology, technical glitches can occur. 

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