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Data Analytics and Visualization

A certificate in Data Analytics and Visualization provides you with skill training in organizational data interpretation, developmental processes for managing data, and data use for informing business decisions in the workplace.

Certificate Benefits

Raw data is everywhere, from social media post statistics to sales records to location data. In the modern workplace, crucial decisions hinge on these markers of engagement, financial flow, and product use. The problem? Without the know-how to analyze raw data, it's just a jumble of facts and figures. 

That’s where the Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate comes in. As part of this certificate program, students will learn how to visualize data, practicing converting abstract output into formats that can be easily understood by industry colleagues and leaders, as well as the larger audience of end users. They will develop the skills to analyze trends, insights, and patterns to create evidence-backed action plans. In a world filled with data, this certificate offers fundamental training applicable to any career path. 

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Course Options

ARTS 102 -Design Technology and Concepts
ARTS 245 - Typographic Design I
CSCE 101 - Introduction to Computer Concepts
CSCE 102 - General Applications Programming
CSCE 104 (or ITEC 204) - Program Design and Development
CSCE 106 - Scientific Applications Programming
GEOG 105 - The Digital Earth
GEOG 263 - Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 341 - Cartography
ISCI 201 - Data, Information & Society
ISCI 202 - Information Literacy and Technology
ISCI 250 - Information Design
ISCI 301 - Text Mining in Big Data Analytics
ISCI 310* - Information Science Data Analysis and Evaluation
ITEC 264 - Computer Applications in Business I
JOUR 203 - Principles of Visual Communications
JOUR 346 - Graphics for Visual Communications
JOUR 400 - Digital Media and Big Data Analysis
MGSC 290 - Computer Information Systems in Business
MGSC 291 - Applied Statistics for Business                                                       or STAT 301 Statistical Methods for Data Analytics
PSYC 220 - Psychological Statistics
or SOCY 392 Elementary Statistics for Sociologists                                       or STAT 201 Elementary Statistics
or STAT 205 Elementary Statistics for the Biological and Life Sciences
or STAT 206 Elementary Statistics for Business                                              or STAT 509 Statistics for Engineers
or STAT 515 Statistical Methods I


*Also applicable to Graduation with Leadership Distinction.


* Academic Bulletin Course Listings


Summer 2024 Offerings

Certificate Requirements
Select Four Courses from the Following

Full Summer Session (3S0)

May 6 - July 25

Exams: July 26 and 27

GEOG 105

6 Week Session I (3S1)

May 6 - June 13

Exams: June 14 and 15

CSCE 101, CSCE 102, MGSC 291

6 Week Session II (3S2)

June 17 - July 25

Exams: July 26 and 27

GEOG 105, ITEC 264, JOUR 203, MGSC 290

3 Week Session I (3S3)

May 6 - May 22

Exams: May 24

ARTS 245, GEOG 105, PSYC 220, STAT 205, STAT 206

3 Week Session II (3S4)

May 28 - June 13

Exams: June 14

GEOG 105, PSYC 220, STAT 205, STAT 206

3 Week Session III (3S5)

June 17 - July 3

Exams: July 5

GEOG 105, STAT 205, STAT 206

9 Week Session I (3S6)

May 28 - July 25

Exams: July 26 and 27

GEOG 105


How It Works

  1. Let us know you're interested by completing a Data Analytics and Visualization Interest Form.
  2. After reviewing with your academic advisor, we'll add the Certificate to your curriculum in Banner.
  3. Complete 12 credit hours from the course list above. We'll keep track of your progress in DegreeWorks.
  4. Complete a Certificate Application along with your degree application during your final semester.
  5. Be recognized on your transcript, your commencement program, and by official certificate. Be all the more prepared for the career you want!


  • The certificate must be completed concurrently with your undergraduate degree and it cannot delay graduation. 
  • A minimum institutional GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.
  • Two of the four required courses must be taken at the USC Columbia campus.
  • All coursework that applies to the certificate must be earned with a grade of C or better.

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