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Digital Studies Certificate

Our Digital Studies Certificate program gives you the opportunity to gain in-demand digital skills that will expand your knowledge and better prepare you for your chosen career field. 

Certificate Benefits

The Digital Studies Certificate requires 12 credit hours that will earn you an impressive certification on your official transcript, separate from your diploma. You can choose from over 35 courses to create an individualized digital curriculum that will make you more marketable in your new career.

The program brings together academic departments from across campus, from the College of Engineering and Computing, the College of Information and Mass Communications, and the College of Arts and Sciences. Students have the opportunity to produce their own digital content and to critically assess the digital content they encounter. The program includes hands-on experiences that prepare students for their future careers while becoming more skilled at using digital technologies in their everyday lives.

Students engage in web design, video production, database management, computer networking, social media content design, data visualization and much more. 

Course Options

CSCE 101 - Introduction to Computer Concepts

GEOG 105 - The Digital Earth

ISCI 201 - Introduction to Information Science

ITEC 101 - Thriving in the Tech Age

MART 210 - Digital Media Arts Fundamentals

CSCE 102 - General Applications Programming

CSCE 201 - Introduction to Computer Security

CSCE 204 - Program Design and Development

CSCE 206 - Scientific Applications Programming

CSCE 207 - UNIX System Administration

CSCE 500 - Computer Programming and Applications

CSCE 567 - Visualization Tools

ITEC 233 - Introduction to Computer Hardware and Software

ITEC 245 - Introduction to Networking

ITEC 264 - Computer Applications in Business I

ITEC 265 - Introduction to Databases

ITEC 362 - Introduction to Web Systems

ITEC 560 - Project Management Methods

ITEC 570 - Database Management and Administration

ISCI 202 - Introduction to Information Literacy and Technology

ISCI 301 - Information Storage and Retrieval

ISCI 402 - Introduction to Management Within Info Environments

ISCI 415 - Social Informatics

ISCI 430 - User-Centered Information Architecture

ISCI 435 - Planning and Sustaining Digital Projects

ISCI 560 - Information Visualization

GEOG 341 - Cartography

GEOG 345 - Interpretation of Aerial Photographs

GEOG 363 - Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 554 - Spatial Programming

GEOG 563 - Advanced Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 564 - GIS-Based Modeling

MART 371 - The Moving Image

MART 380 - New Media Art

MART 571C - Moving Image Advanced: Animation

How It Works

  1. Let us know you're interested by completing a Digital Studies Interest Form.
  2. After reviewing with your academic advisor, we'll add the Certificate to your curriculum in Banner.
  3. Complete 12 credit hours from the course list below. We'll keep track of your progress in DegreeWorks.
  4. Complete a Certificate Application along with your degree application during your final semester.
  5. Be recognized on your transcript, your commencement program, and by official certificate. Be all the more prepared for the career you want!


  • The certificate must be completed concurrently with your undergraduate degree and it cannot delay graduation. 
  • A minimum institutional GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.
  • Two of the four required courses must be taken at the USC Columbia campus.
  • All coursework that applies to the certificate must be earned with a grade of C or better.

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