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  • UofSC first-generation student celebration

Celebrating First-Generation Students

Being the first person in your family to attend college is a badge of honor, and USC is ready to celebrate you and your successes.

USC First-Generation Celebration Week (November 6th - November 10th)


11/06 Headshots on the Horseshoe

11 am – 3 pm

Horseshoe (Near McKissick Museum)

This initiative aims to provide professional headshots for first-generation students at no cost. Your headshot will help present yourself confidently in your future career endeavors!

11/07 Breakfast

During breakfast, university leaders can engage in meaningful conversations with First-Gen students, gaining valuable insights into their unique challenges and triumphs. This event fosters a sense of understanding and support, encouraging collaboration between university leadership and First-Gen students to create a more inclusive campus environment.

11/08 First-Gen Friends “Speed Friending”

5 – 7 pm

Capstone Conference Room (1st Floor)

Join us for a fun and exciting evening where you can meet and connect with other First-Gen friends who understand the unique challenges and experiences you may have faced. This "speed friending" event is an excellent opportunity to build a supportive network, share stories, and create lasting friendships with individuals who can relate to your journey.

11/09 Movie Night

7 - 10 pm

Russell House Theater (2nd Floor)

Get ready for a cozy and relaxing movie night exclusively for First-Gen students! Come unwind and enjoy a selection of films that highlight the relatable moments of being a first-generation college student. This event is not only a chance to kick back and enjoy some popcorn, but also an opportunity to bond with fellow First-Gen students who can offer valuable insights and support throughout your academic journey. 

11/10 Celebration Day

11:30 - 1 pm

Davis Field/Russell House 2nd Floor (Rainy Day Location)

Celebrate your achievements as a first-generation college student on this special day dedicated to recognizing your hard work and perseverance. Take advantage of this empowering day of recognition and community-building! 


First-Generation Student Organization

The goal of First-Generation Student Organization (FGS) is to connect first-generation college students at the University of South Carolina with each other, with faculty and staff, and with community leaders. It also aims to raise awareness of resources that may be helpful to these students, as well as to set and meet a fundraising goal each year, with the money raised going to a charity chosen by the student organization that promotes higher education. 

First-Gen Lounge Podcast

Listen to stories from other First-Gen grads in a variety of fields.

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