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Office of the Controller

Sponsored Award Set Up

The Grants and Funds Management (GFM) team provides financial management of all sponsored award funding. New awards and award modifications are reviewed and accepted by the Sponsor Award Management (SAM) Office. Once all the terms and conditions have been negotiated, the fully executed award document is sent to GFM for review and set up in the university’s financial system.

The below graphic provides a general timeline for award set up in PeopleSoft Finance.

SAM Office transmits account details to GFM via USCeRA daily. Then in 1-5 days GFM verifies accuracy of account details and ensure consistency with award documentation. Discrepancies are reconciled with SAM and/or the sponsor. Next in 1-3 days Account details are transmitted to the Controller's Office to establish an associated chartstring in PeopleSoft HCM. This process duration depends on volume and whether an existing or new account. Finally, after 2 additional days GFM sets up the award details in PeopleSoft (e.g., project number, IDC, PAA, project type, department, project costing, etc.).


Before spending can begin on a sponsored award, it is crucial to take certain steps to ensure that the expenditures comply with the approved notice of award. The New Award Checklist [pdf] acts as a valuable resource in ensuring that the award is set up in accordance with the approved budget.

Once the award set up is complete, please refer to the Managing Awards page on SAM Office website to review the different actions you may need to take regarding updates to the original Notice of Award.

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