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Office of the Controller

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable is responsible for the review and disbursement of funds in accordance with university policies and procedures.

Accounts Payable Services

Our staff processes invoices from external suppliers as well as all non-payroll payments to faculty and staff.

AP Uploads

AP uploads are a way to pay a supplier or individual. If you have 10 or more payments in one of the following categories, the AP upload is available instead of keying each payment into payment request:

  • prizes and awards
  • stipends
  • services rendered
  • preceptor payments
  • refunds
  • participants

Regular vs. Single Pay

Use the regular payment worksheet [xlsx] for payments that have a supplier ID and either an invoice number or date of service (stipends, services rendered).

Use the single pay worksheet [xlsx] for one time payments to ten or more individuals where no supplier ID is needed (participants, refunds, payroll).  Use the single refund form [pdf] for one time payments for one to nine individuals.

Please attach the worksheet, AP approval form [pdf], memo and any supporting documentation with an email request to

Cash Advances

Cash advances are payment types that are issued to advance funds for educational programs (study abroad), trips, research participants and athletics team travel. All cash advances must be settled within 30 days of the ending period for the advance. 

Journal Vouchers

 Journal Vouchers (JV) are used in PeopleSoft to adjust or correct posted and paid vouchers. These adjustments or corrections may include but not limited to, departments, funds, accounts and distribution amounts. The use of a Journal Voucher will allow corrections and adjustments to be connected directly with the original voucher. The following procedure and JV Form will provide information to you for preparing Journal vouchers. All information for a Journal Voucher may be emailed to Please also attach any supporting documentation with the email request.

Payment Request

Payment request is an online payment tool in PeopleSoft for paying invoices under $10,000. This tool has strict guidelines and a payment matrix for allowed types of payments.

Payments to Individuals (Honorariums, Reimbursements and Stipends)


US Citizens - Honorariums are payments made in recognition of acts or professional services for which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set. These payments are only considered honorariums if a contract is not in place for the services being provided. If a contract is in place then you must utilize the Requisition to Purchase Order process. Honorariums that meet this definition will utilize Payment Request in PeopleSoft. Please see International Payments to Suppliers for more information on International Honorariums.

Employee/Student Reimbursement

Employee and student reimbursements reimburse employees and students for non-travel related expenditures such as supplies, food, abstract fees and other job related expenses. The Employee Student Supplier Form may be emailed to when completed.


Stipends are payments made as one time or periodic payments as a part of scholarship or fellowship allowance granted to a student. They can also be for fixed payments as part of employment (i.e. cell phone stipends).

Purchase Order Invoices

Purchase Orders issued through PeopleSoft will require an invoice for payment and/or receipting in the system. Invoices are typically received in the department and should be forwarded to Accounts Payable immediately upon receiving. If the Purchase Order requires receipting in the system, this should be done immediately upon receipt of the goods in order to not delay payment.

Research Participant Card Program

Research participant payments are available in the form of a prepaid Visa® debit card loaded with any value between $5 - $100.  Payments greater than $100 must be processed by AP through payment request.  Please email questions to


Royalties and commissions are payments made by one party to another in exchange for the right to use intellectual property or physical assets for which work is typically copyrighted or patented. All royalty and commission payments will utilize payment request in PeopleSoft.