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    Minor Information

    You’ve started college. You’ve chosen a major. You’re all set. But then someone blasts your equilibrium and asks, “What’s your minor?” That gets your mind working and makes you start to wonder about the options.

    Minor or Cognate

    All students in the College of Information and Communications must complete a minor or a cognate. Minors and cognates are intended to develop a coherent basic preparation in a second area of study.  The difference between a minor and a cognate is that minors are a more prescribed plan of study while cognate course selection is more flexible. 

    CIC Students with Minors in OTHER Colleges/Schools

    Most departments stagger the registration of courses.  This means majors will most likely register for department courses first, then minors, and then the rest of the student population.  If you have a declared minor, you will most likely be able to register for those courses the week after registration opens for a given semester. To declare your minor, you need to make an academic advising appointment.

    Students with Minors in the CIC 

    If a class you are interested in is full, please get on the CIC Wait List here (when the Wait List is open).

    This wait list is used to determine if additional sections of a course are needed. It does not add students to seats which may open during the registration process. We will notify students on the Wait List first if we are able to open an additional section of a course they are interested in enrolling. Please understand that adding your name to the Wait List does not enroll you in any course nor does it guarantee you a spot in a section.

    Students should not reach out to professors in order to get into a course. Our professors will direct you to the Student Services Office and the CIC Wait List.

    For students with an SJMC minor, please make sure that you have a JOURNALISM minor on your record. You can see this in Degree Works on the right-hand side of the top banner. If you are not an SJMC minor and would like to be, you must see YOUR advisor in YOUR current major to do so. The CIC Student Services Office cannot help you with this.

    View a list of JOUR electives offered» 

    In order to progress toward graduation, it should be a top priority to take JOUR minor courses in the summer term.  Seats in JOUR courses in Fall and Spring terms are VERY limited.  Not being able to land a spot in your minor courses could hinder your progression toward graduation. 

    To declare your minor, you need to meet with the assigned academic advisor in your discipline.

    Advertising and Public Relations Minor Requirements

    Required Courses (3 courses or 9 Hours)
    JOUR 101 - Media and Society
    JOUR 201 - Principles of Public Relations
    JOUR 202 - Principles of Advertising and Brand Communications

    Electives (3 courses or 9 hours)
    Any JOUR elective course

    Informatics Minor

    Information Science is the study of the cognitive, social, technological and organizational roles of information in all its forms and rests on three foundations: content, people, and technology. That is, the substance of the information being created, communicated, stored, and/or transformed; the people who interact with this content; and the technology used to support content creation, communication, storage, or transformation.   

    A student with a major in another field may choose to select a minor field of study in Information Science.  A minimum of 18 hours of SLIS courses, as described below, satisfies this minor requirement:

    Required Courses (9 Hours)
    SLIS 201 - Introduction to Information Science Credits: 3
    SLIS 301 - Information Storage and Retrieval Credits: 3
    SLIS 410 - Knowledge Management Credits: 3

    Electives (9 Hours)
    Select 9 hours from any additional SLIS courses.  SLIS 480 (Emerging Topics in Information Science) may be repeated for credit with different topics.

    Mass Communications Minor Requirements

    Required Courses (1 course or 3 hours)
    JOUR 101 - Media and Society

    Principles Courses: Select two of the following (2 courses or 6 hours)
    JOUR 201 - Principles of Public Relations
    JOUR 202 - Principles of Advertising and Brand Communications
    JOUR 203 - Principles of Visual Communications
    JOUR 204 - Principles of Journalism

    Electives (3 courses or 9 hours)
    Any JOUR elective course

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