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Department of Biological Sciences

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Anne Ventrone

Title: PhD student \ Smith Lab
Research Concentration - Neurobiology
Department: Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: CLS, Room 607
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The LIS1 protein binds to and stimulates the microtubule motor protein dynein, which, in neurons, is critical for retrograde axonal transport of a wide range of cellular cargos. Anne is testing whether LIS1 simply triggers dynein movement in axons or whether it needs to remain associated with motors for continued movement. Additionally, Anne is inducing astrocyte-specific LIS1 depletion in adult mice to explore a potential role for LIS1 in these brain cells. Astrocytes play important roles in synaptic function and homeostasis, and they express substantial amounts of LIS1, but to date, LIS1 function in astrocytes has not been studied.

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