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Department of Biological Sciences

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Joshua Stone

Title: Assistant Professor
Research Concentration - Ecology; Marine Biology
Department: Biological Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803- 777-2932
Office: EWS 615
Resources: Stone Lab Website
Curriculum Vitae

Joshua Stone Profile Picture


My research is focused on how zooplankton populations are changing in response to variable environmental conditions, and the effects those changes have on carbon cycling and food web interactions.


  • Briland, R.D., P. Stone, M. Manubolu, J. Lee, S.A. Ludsin. In press. Cyanobacterial blooms modify food web structure and interactions in western Lake Erie. Harmful Algae.
  • Stone, J.P., D. K. Steinberg, M. C. Fabrizio. 2019. Long-term changes in gelatinous zooplankton in Chesapeake Bay, USA: Environmental controls and interspecific interactions. Estuaries and Coasts, 42(2): 513-527.
  • Stone, J.P., D. K. Steinberg. 2018. Influence of top-down control in the plankton food web on vertical carbon flux: a case study in the Chesapeake Bay. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 498: 16-24.
  • Stone, J.P., D. K. Steinberg. 2016. Salp contributions to vertical carbon flux in the Sargasso Sea. Deep-Sea Research I, 113: 90-100.
  • Stone, J.P., D.K. Steinberg. 2014. Long-term time-series study of salp population dynamics in the Sargasso Sea. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 510:111-127.
  • Lefcheck, J.S., M. A. Whalen, T. M. Davenport, P. Stone, J. E. Duffy. 2013. Physiological effects of diet mixing on consumer fitness: a meta-analysis. Ecology, 94(3):565-572.
  • Fisher, T.R., T.E. Jordan, K.W. Staver, A.B. Gustafson, A.I. Koskelo, R.J. Fox, A.J. Sutton, T. Kana, K.A. Beckert, P. Stone, G. McCarty, M. Lang. 2010. The Choptank Basin in Transition: Intensifying Agriculture, Slow Urbanization, and Estuarine Eutrophication, Ed. Michael J. Kennish and Hans W. Paerl. Coastal Lagoons: Critical Habitats of Environmental Change. CRC Press, 135-165.
  • Stuckert, A.M.M., P. Stone, J.R. Asper, M.G. Rinker, C.L. Rutt, N.C. Trimmer & E.D. Lindquist. 2009. Microhabitat use and spatial distribution in Picado's Bromeliad Treefrog, Isthmohyla picadoi (Anura, Hylidae). Phyllomedusa, 8(2):125-134.

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