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Department of Anthropology

Our People

Our award-winning faculty specialize in comparative diasporic studies and social justice issues in places throughout the globe including the Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and North America. With research interests spanning historical archaeology, medical anthropology, ethnobiology and much more, the faculty members also participate in at least one interdisciplinary program on campus. 

Core Faculty

D Barker

Drucilla K. Barker, Professor

Economic anthropology, gender and globalization, development, feminist epistemology, methodology.

Monica Barra

Monica Barra, Assistant Professor

Environmental and Urban Anthropology, Race and Inequality, North America and the US South, Anthropology of Science and Technology, Political Ecology

J Casey

Joanna Casey, Associate professor

Ethnoarchaeology, prehistoric archaeology, early farming communities, trade, gender, lithics.

C de la Cova

Carlina de la Cova, Associate professor

Paleopathology, skeletal health disparities, social inequality, the African Diaspora, nineteenth century medicine

S DeWitte

Sharon DeWitte, Associate professor

Human osteology, paleodemography/epidemiology/microbiololgy, infectious and epidemic diseases, medieval plague

S Feliciano Santos

Sherina Feliciano-Santos, Assistant professor

Linguistic anthropology, activism, language and cultural revitalization, racial and ethnic formations, narrative, face-to-face interaction

K Kelly

Kenneth Kelly, Professor

Historical archaeology, Africa, Caribbean

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Courtney Lewis, Assistant professor

Economic anthropology, political economy, indigenous rights, economic justice, sovereignty, American Indians, Cherokees.

M Moskowitz

Marc Moskowitz, Professor and Interim Chair

Cultural anthropology, visual anthropology, gender, popular culture, sexuality

J Reynolds

Jennifer Reynolds, Professor

Linguistic and visual anthropology, language socialization and ideology, transnational migration, childhood

D Simmons

David Simmons, Associate professor and faculty principal Galen Health Fellows

Dynamic and often conflicting relationships between vernacular forms of medicine and biomedicine

K Simmons

Kimberly E. Simmons, Associate professor

Cultural anthropology, race & ethnicity, gender, identity formation, women's formations, African diaspora

Magdalena Stawkowski

Cultural and medical anthropology, militarized and nuclear spaces, socio-cultural legacies of atomic testing, Cold War science, political economy, bioethics, subjectivity, environmental governance, health disparities and environmental harm in Kazakhstan, post-Soviet reforms, Central Asia.

G Wagner

Gail Wagner, Associate professor

Archaeology, paleoethnobotany, ethnobotany, chiefdoms

T Weik

Terrance Weik, Associate professor

Archaeology, African Diaspora, antislavery resistance, social identity, Ethnogenesis, self-liberation, Race, Native Americans

Emeritus Faculty

Name Title Email
Leland Ferguson Distinguished professor emeritus
Karl Heider Distinguished professor emeritus
Alice Kasakoff Distinguished professor emeritus
Morgan Maclachlan  Distinguished professor emeritus