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Department of Anthropology

Professor Reynolds in Guatemala with preschoolers


The Department of Anthropology is engaged in dynamic research and scholarship. Our department has published books, edited journals and published articles and book chapters. Our faculty have presented over 56 papers at international, national and regional conferences, and have been awarded over 30 grants for research. 

Research Focus Areas

Our research is interdisciplinary and often incorporates more than one of our four core sections of anthropology. As a result we share many projects in the department.

  • Paleoethnobotany (Wagner) 
  • Eastern North America prehistoric and contact-era archaeology (Wagner),
  • Historical archaeology of the African Diaspora (Kelly: Africa, Caribbean; Weik: Caribbean, US), and
  • African prehistoric archaeology and ethnoarchaeology (Casey).
  • Prehistoric archaeology  of the Southeast (King & White) 
  • historic archaeology of the Southeast(DePratter, South)

 De la Cova’s work examines the

  • Impact race, culture, social inequality, and environment has on the skeletal health of African Americans and Euro-Americans though paleopathological and historical analysis.(De la Cova)
  • Reconstructing population-level health and demographic patterns (paleoepidemiology and paleodemography) in various contexts, including historic plague epidemics (e.g. the Black Death). (DeWitte)
  • Economic anthropology (Lewis)
  • Cultural (Lewis, Moskowitiz, Reynolds, D. Simmons, K. Simmons, Feliciano-Santos)
  • Linguistic (Reynolds)
  • Political economy (Barker)
  • Medica (D. Simmons) 
  • Language ideology, language socialization, and narrative and performance. (Reynolds). 
  • Politics of language use, social activism, language and cultural revitalization, and racial and ethnic formations amount Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and the diaspora. (Feliciano-Santos).

Grants and Research Funding

In addition to funding available through the University of South Carolina, there are many other organizations that fund anthropological research. 


 Photo: Linguistic anthropologist, Jennifer Reynolds, produced an ethnographic film of bilingual multicultural kindergarten classes serving children ages 4-6 in a rural school located near San Martin Sacatepéquez, Guatemala during the 2016 school year.  George Stoianov

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