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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the conclusion of final exams in May. Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.

Department of Anthropology

Graduate Students

Our graduate students work closely with faculty conducting research and exploring issues in archaeology as well as cultural, linguistic and biological/biocultural anthropology. Meet our doctoral and masters candidates.

Ph.D. students


Research Interests



Andrea Acosta

Roman Bioarchaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Paleopathology, Osteology, kinship analysis, origins of the Roman city-state,
migration in the Late Iron Age Italy

B.A., Anthropology and Classical Antiquity, University of Kansas, 2014; M.A., Anthropology, University of West Florida, 2014

Andrea's CV [pdf]

Andrew Agha

Origins of colonial agriculture; Historical Archaeology; African Diaspora; African American archaeology; Seventeenth century English historical research

B.S. Anthropology, College of Charleston, 1998; M.A. Anthropology, University of South Carolina-Columbia, 2004

Andrew's Website


Mattie Atwell

Human Osteology, trauma and disease, forensic anthropology, paleopathology, skeletal health disparities, structural violence

B.A. Anthropology - University of South Carolina-Columbia (2013)

Mattie's Website


Emily Brennan

Bioarchaeology; paleopathology; paleodemography; stable isotope analysis; biocultural perspectives of health, disease, and death; forensic anthropology

 M.A., Anthropology, George Washington University, 2013; B.S., Anthropology (minor in Archaeology), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009

Emily's CV [pdf]

Laura Clifford

Historical Archaeology, African Diaspora, Edgefield Ceramics, Pottery Technology, Public outreach, archaeology education, and Cultural Resources Management.

M.A., Education, University of Kentucky, 2005; M.A., Public Archaeology, University of South Florida, 1990; B.S., Anthropology, Oregon State University, 1986


Laura's CV  [pdf]

Laura's Website

Jessica Cooper

Woodland Southeast, Feminist Archaeology, lithics

 B.A. George Mason University 2011, M.A. University of South Carolina 2017

 Jessica's CV [pdf]

Amber Teresa Domingue

Raciolinguistic Ideologies, Constructions of Identity, Migration and Immigration, Bilingualism, Cross-Cultural Communication, African Diaspora of (Spanish-speaking) Caribbean to U.S.

M.A, Anthropology, University of South Carolina, 2019; B.A., Spanish, Xavier University of Louisiana, 2017; B.S., Psychological Science, Xavier University of Louisiana, 2017

Amber's CV [pdf]


Allison Ham

Bioarchaeology, paleoepidemiology, paleodemography, infectious disease, historical archaeology

M.A., Anthropology – George Mason University (2018); B.A, Archaeology – College of Wooster (2014)

Allison's CV [pdf]

Tiffany Jones

African American English, Performance and Identity, Oral Traditions and Verbal Arts, Visual Anthropology (Ethnographic Film and Theater), Scholar-Activist Research

M.A. Linguistics (Concentrations in Linguistic Anthropology and Sociolinguistics), University of South Carolina, Fall 2016; M.A. English (Concentration in Rhetoric and Composition), Georgia State University, Aug. 2008; B.A. Information Systems (minor in Writing), Georgia Southern University, Dec. 2003


Tiffany's CV [pdf]

Tiffany's Website

Brandi Joy

Historic Archaeology, ceramic analysis, iron conservation/electrolysis; pre- and post-emancipation plantation foodways

 M.A., University of South Carolina, 2016; B.A. in Anthropology with honors and B.S, in Psychology with honors, University of Florida, 2006

Brandi's CV [pdf]

James Preston Kerns

Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, the opioid epidemic in the Southeastern U.S., globalization and developing economies, social determinants of illness

M.A., University of South Carolina, 2016; B.A. University of South Carolina, 2014

James' CV [pdf]

Brian Mabelitini

Historical Archaeology, Conflict Archaeology, GIS

M.A., Historical Archaeology, University of West Florida, 2011 B.A., Anthropology, University of Kentucky, 2006

Brian's CV [pdf]

Anais Parada



Nina Schreiner

Colonialism, Ethnogenesis, Decolonizing Methodologies, Public Archaeology, Historical
Archaeology of the Mid-Atlantic

 M.A. Social Sciences, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 2017; B.A., Anthropology and History, University of Pittsburgh, 2012

Nina's CV [pdf]

Liz Wakefield

Human Osteology; Life Histories; Stable Isotopes; Mass Spectrometry; Paleoepidemiology; Paleodemography; Bioarchaeology; African Diaspora

B.A. Maritime Studies, University of West Florida, 2007; M.A. Anthropology, University of South Carolina-Columbia, 2015

Liz's CV [pdf]

Kristina Zarenko

Osteology, paleopathology, health and stress, metabolic disease, taphonomy, forensic anthropology, ethics

M.A. with distinction, Anthropology, California State University Chico, 2014: B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Anthropology and International Relations, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, 2011

Kristina's CV [pdf]

Masters students


Research Interests



John Dodge

Prehistoric and protohistoric archaeology of the
American Southeast, Mississippian culture, and Ceramic technology.
 B.A, Anthropology, University of South Carolina, 2018.  John's CV [pdf]

Gavin Fisher

Cultural anthropology, religion, sexuality, gender, LGBTQ rights movements, Taiwan, China B.A, English Literature and Religious Studies, University of British Columbia, 2011; Certificate in Journalism, Langara College, 2014 Gavin's CV[pdf]

Morgan Fluker

Environmental Archaeology; Paleoethnobotany; Public Archaeology; Agriculture; Prehistoric Archaeology

B.S., Anthropology – Kansas State University (2018)

Morgan's CV [pdf]

Robert Lyerly

Prehistoric Archaeology, North American Archaeology, Stone tools/lithic analysis, Hunter-gatherer dynamics and movement in the Southeast.

B.A. in Archaeology & History – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (2018)

Robert's CV [pdf]

Samantha McDorman

Southeastern Archaeology, Stamped Ceramics, Archaeological Databases, Non-Traditional Archives, Digitization

B.A., Anthropology – University of South Carolina (2018)

Samantha's CV [pdf]

Fallon Puckett

Cultural Anthropology, Activism,
Visual Methods, Religious Studies,
Community Collaboration, East and Southeast Asia. 
 B.A. Anthropology, Western
Washington University,
Fallon's CV [pdf]

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