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Department of Anthropology

Graduate Students

Our graduate students work closely with faculty conducting research and exploring issues in archaeology as well as cultural, linguistic and biological/biocultural anthropology. Meet our doctoral and masters candidates.

Ph.D. students


Research Interests



Andrea Acosta

Roman Bioarchaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Paleopathology, Osteology

B.A., Anthropology and Classical Antiquity, University of Kansas, 2014; M.A., Anthropology, University of West Florida, 2014

Andrea's CV [pdf]

Andrew Agha

Origins of colonial agriculture; Historical Archaeology; African Diaspora; African American archaeology; Seventeenth century English historical research

B.S. Anthropology, College of Charleston, 1998; M.A. Anthropology, University of South Carolina-Columbia, 2004

Adrew's Website


Mattie Atwell

Human Osteology, trauma and disease, forensic anthropology, paleopathology, skeletal health disparities, structural violence

B.A. Anthropology - University of South Carolina-Columbia (2013)

Mattie's Website


Emily Brennan

Bioarchaeology; paleopathology; paleodemography; stable isotope analysis; biocultural perspectives of health, disease, and death; forensic anthropology

 M.A., Anthropology, George Washington University, 2013; B.S., Anthropology (minor in Archaeology), University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009

Emily's CV [pdf]

Laura Clifford

Historical Archaeology, African Diaspora, Edgefield Ceramics, Pottery Technology, Public outreach, archaeology education, and Cultural Resources Management.

M.A., Education, University of Kentucky, 2005; M.A., Public Archaeology, University of South Florida, 1990; B.S., Anthropology, Oregon State University, 1986


Laura's CV  [pdf]

Laura's Website

Allison Ham

Bioarchaeology, paleoepidemiology, paleodemography, infectious disease, historical archaeology

M.A., Anthropology – George Mason University (2018); B.A, Archaeology – College of Wooster (2014)

 Allison's CV [pdf]

Tiffany Jones

 African American English, Performance and Identity, Oral Traditions and Verbal Arts, Visual Anthropology (Ethnographic Film and Theater), Scholar-Activist Research

M.A. Linguistics (Concentrations in Linguistic Anthropology and Sociolinguistics), University of South Carolina, Fall 2016; M.A. English (Concentration in Rhetoric and Composition), Georgia State University, Aug. 2008; B.A. Information Systems (minor in Writing), Georgia Southern University, Dec. 2003


Tiffany's CV [pdf]

Tiffany's Website

Brandi Joy

Historic Archaeology, ceramic analysis, iron conservation/electrolysis; pre- and post-emancipation plantation foodways

 M.A., University of South Carolina, 2016; B.A. in Anthropology with honors and B.S, in Psychology with honors, University of Florida, 2006

Brandi's CV [pdf]

James Preston Kerns

Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, the opioid epidemic in the Southeastern U.S., globalization and developing economies, social determinants of illness

M.A., University of South Carolina, 2016; B.A. University of South Carolina, 2014

James' CV [pdf]

Brian Mabelitini

Historical Archaeology, Conflict Archaeology, GIS

M.A., Historical Archaeology, University of West Florida, 2011 B.A., Anthropology, University of Kentucky, 2006

Brian's CV [pdf]

Anais Parada



Samantha Yaussy

Bioarchaeology, paleodemography, frailty, industrialization, social determinants of health and mortality, socioeconomic status, intersectionality

M.A., University of South Carolina-Columbia, 2015; B.A., Wake Forest University, 2013

Samantha's Website

Liz Wakefield

Human Osteology; Life Histories; Stable Isotopes; Mass Spectrometry; Paleoepidemiology; Paleodemography; Bioarchaeology; African Diaspora

B.A. Maritime Studies, University of West Florida, 2007; M.A. Anthropology, University of south Carolina-Columbia, 2015

Liz's CV [pdf]

Kristina Zarenko

Osteology, paleopathology, health and stress, metabolic disease, taphonomy, forensic anthropology, ethics

M.A. with distinction, Anthropology, California State University Chico, 2014: B.A., Magna Cum Laude, Anthropology and International Relations, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, 2011

Kristina's CV [pdf]

Masters students


Research Interests



Amber Domingue

African Diaspora, Afro-Caribbean Spanish, Haitian Creyole, self-valuation of Black women

B.A., Spanish, Xavier University of Louisiana, 2017: B.S., Psychological Science, Xavier University of Louisiana, 2017

Amber's CV [pdf]


Morgan Fluker

Environmental Archaeology; Paleoethnobotany; Public Archaeology; Agriculture; Prehistoric Archaeology

B.S., Anthropology – Kansas State University (2018)

 Morgan's CV [pdf]

Abigail Geedy

Cultural Practices Concerning Death, Native American Archaeology, and Museum Studies

B.A. in Anthropology , University of South Carolina, 2016

Abigail's CV [pdf]

Robert Lyerly

Prehistoric Archaeology, North American Archaeology, Stone tools/lithic analysis, Hunter-gatherer dynamics and movement in the Southeast.

B.A. in Archaeology & History – University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (2018)

Robert's CV [pdf]

Samantha McDorman


B.A., Anthropology – University of South Carolina (2018)


Tiffany Peacock

African Diaspora Culture & Identity, Bioarchaeology, Biocultural perspective, Archaeology Excavation Methods, Human Osteology, Racial/Identity Construction within the United States and the Caribbean, and 20th migrations and transnationalism.


B.A in Anthropology & History both with Distinction, University of South Carolina, 2017

Tiffany's CV [pdf]

Evan Welker

Historical Archaeology, African Diaspora, GIS, Remote Sensing

B.A., Anthropology, University of Central Florida, 2012

Evan's CV [pdf]

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