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VIP ID and Username Setup

Students will use several services online to keep up with their personal, financial and academic information. This step-by-step guide will walk you through learning your username and setting your password that will grant you access to these important services. We have also provided a visual guide on the right side of the page for each step.

Step 1 - Claim your VIP ID and Set Your VIP Password

  • Go to
  • Select I am a new user who has never used my VIP ID and need to establish my password
  • Enter your VIP ID which can be found on your acceptance letter
  • Enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number
  • Enter your legal last name
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter the displayed letters, then click continue
  • Enter your password and set your security questions then click continue
  • Your VIP ID and Password are now claimed


Step 2 - Multifactor Authentication Setup (Mobile Phone)

  • Go to
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Multifactor Authentication Setup
  • Login with your VIP ID and password
  • Answer the security question and click submit
  • Enter your mobile phone number
  • Select mobile, choose your platform then click submit
  • You will now be on a screen with a QR code, keep this screen open while setting up your mobile phone
  • On your mobile phone, use your app store to search for DUO Mobile
  • Download and open the DUO Mobile app
  • In the DUO Mobile app, press the + sign at the top of the screen
  • With your mobile phone, scan the QR code on your computer screen
  • Your DUO Mobile app will confirm your account
  • On your computer, click on Return to Overview
  • At the bottom of the page, click Test Authentication
  • Enter your VIP ID and password and click Sign in
  • Click Send me a Push
  • Open the DUO Mobile app on your phone and click Approve
  • You have now setup and verified your Multifactor Authentication


Step 3 - Setup Your Network Username Password

  • Go to
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on View my IDs and manage my passwords
  • Log in with your VIP and password
  • Go through the Multifactor Authentication process of your choice to finish logging in
  • Under Your USC Identifiers, go to Network Username
    • Your network username will be the first part of your USC Sumter email
    • Example:, smithjo is your network username
  • Click Manage Password
  • Create a password you will remember following the rules laid out in the description
  • Click Set Password
  • This network username and password will be used to login to Blackboard, your student email, and your Self Service Carolina account


Step 4 - Access Blackboard

  • Go to
  • On the left menu, click Blackboard
  • On the drop-down menu, click USC Columbia & 2 Year Campuses
  • Login with your network username and password