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Information for Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students wishing to take a few courses at the University but who do not intend to work toward a degree at USC Sumter may apply for admission as special students. 




No transcripts are required for admission as a special student. Special students are not eligible for financial aid or veterans’ benefits. The following types of students are considered special students:

  • Transient or visiting students: Students from other colleges who wish to take a few courses but who plan to graduate from their “home” colleges. Students who plan to take courses must submit written transient permission for those courses from their college advisor.
  • Additional college credits: College graduates who need additional undergraduate credit to qualify for admission to a graduate or professional school or who wish to take courses for personal interest.
  • Students who wish to audit courses (the University does not permit students to repeat any audited course for credit).
  • Military special: Servicemen on active duty who do not plan to work toward a degree at this time may be admitted to the University as military special students. Military students also may choose to apply as regular, degree-seeking students by creating a new applicant admissions ID online. Transfer credit for military students will be evaluated only for those students accepted as Regular students. No application fee is required for military special students. In order for a military special student to receive in-state tuition a copy of their military orders must be on file in the Office of Admissions.