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Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff All, Jessica Director of Finance 843-782-8612 or 803-812-7398
Faculty Ard, Aaron Assistant Professor 843-782-8620 or 803-812-7335 Business Management
Faculty Banner, Carolyn Instructor 843-782-8682 or 803-812-7327 Public Health
Faculty Belangia, Shannon Instructor 843-782-8624 or 803-812-7349 English
Staff Bellamy, Kenneth Softball Coach 803-812-7455
Faculty Bragg, Thomas, PhD Assistant Professor 843-782-8655 or 803-812-7474 English
Faculty Brewer, Jane Associate Dean of Student Services Athletic Director 843-782-8601 or 803-812-7317
Staff Brown, Carmen Director of Admissions 803-812-7318
Faculty Brown, Norman Instructor Religion
Faculty Bullock, Douglas Adjunct Professor of Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Faculty Burks, Kay Assistant Professor of Education & Coordinator of Teacher Education East: 843-782-8646 West: 803-812-7328 Education
Faculty Burnett, Bryan Instructor Biology
Faculty Burns, Carolyn Music Instructor Music
Staff Burns, Francis M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemistry
Staff Carlton, Adriann 803-812-7312 Maintenance
Staff Carmichael, Ann C. Dean 803-812-7330 Allendale OR 843-782-8600 Walterboro
Staff Carter, Margaret Administrative Assistant to the Dean 803-812-7330
Staff Cave, Carolyn 803-812-7312 Maintenance
Faculty Cawley, Sherry Instructor Theater
Staff Cherry, David Lee, Sr. 843-812-6966 Business
Faculty Cone, April Nursing Academic Program Manager 843-782-8670 or 803-812-7429
Staff Connor, Savannah Volleyball
Staff Crosby, Kevin OSP Advisor 843-782-8610
Faculty Cueto, Ana Spanish Instructor
Faculty Dangerfield, David 843-782-8641 or 803-812-7338 History
Staff Davis, Zach IT Assistant
Staff Dorman, Charles "Bubba" Baseball Coach 803-812-7343
Faculty DuBois, Janet Adjunct Instructor 843-782-8645 Music
Faculty Dukes, John A, Dr. Instructor of Political Science 803-777-2277
Faculty Ferguson, Constance Instructor English
Staff Flowers, Thomas 803-812-7312 Maintenance – Allendale
Staff Fudge, Katherine 803-812-7387 Admissions
Staff Glass, Bill Head Soccer Coach 803-812-7256
Staff Goodson, Suzanne Bookstore Manager - Allendale/Grants Manager 803-812-7397
Staff Goodwin, Jessica Library Assistant 843-782-8627
Faculty Gottesman, Carmela, PhD Associate Professor 843-782-8622 or 803-812-7340 Psychology
Staff Gregory, Timothy Maintenance
Faculty Gruber, Stephanie 843-782-8687 or 803-812-7372 Computer Science
Staff Hadwin, Julie Director of Financial Aid 843-782-8609 or 803-812-7304
Staff Hartzog, Kendall, Ph.D. Biology
Faculty Hatch, David Assistant Professor 843-782-8653 or 803-812-7486 English
Staff Herndon, James Director of Maintenance & Safety – Walterboro 843-782-8668
Staff Hewett, Lamar, Jr. Business Office/Bookstore Manager – Walterboro 843-782-8608
Staff Hightower, Brenda 803-812-7308 Environmental Health & Safety
Faculty Hollingsworth, Roy Instructor Biology
Staff Hughes, Joey Director of Recruiting 843-782-8631 or 803-812-7459
Faculty Irwin, Jeffery Accounting
Staff Jacobi, Vicki Instructor Music
Staff Jamison, Lesley Management Instructor
Staff Jenkins, Milton Maintenance Supervisor - Walterboro 843-782-8635
Staff Johnson, Daniel McDonald Head Librarian 803-812-7353
Staff Jonason, Anna Nursing
Staff Judy, Heather I Director of Salkehatchie Leadership Institute 843-782-8641 or 803-812-7354 Leadership Institute
Faculty Kanapala, Allen J Instructor of Computer Science and Engineering 803-812-7315 or 843-782-8687 Engineering, Computer Science
Faculty Kilpatrick, Eran S., PhD Professor of Biology 843-782-8666 or 803-812-7432
Staff Kinard, Trent Sports Information Director 803-812-7468
Faculty Lai, Wei-Kai Associate Professor 843-782-8611 or 803-812-7346 Math
Faculty Lemacks, Jay Criminal Justice
Faculty Love, C. Bryan Interim Associate Dean for Academic affairs 843-782-8675 or 803-812-7466 English
Faculty Mack, Ahron 843-782-8603 or 803-812-7396 Communications
Faculty Mambou, Magellan Instructor Mathematics
Staff Martin, Frank Art History Instructor
Staff Mayo, Glen Women's Basketball Coach 843-782-8678 Basketball
Staff McCully, Joslyn Instructor English
Faculty McKevlin, Martha R., PhD 843-782-8621 or 803-812-7350 Biology
Staff McLeod, John Reaves Instructor Political Science
Faculty Mehlenbacher, Conrad (Dutch) Professor 843-782-8664 or 803-812-7310 Art and Theater
Faculty Miller, Sarah, PhD Associate Professor 843-782-8665 or 803-812-7337 History
Faculty Milligan, Daniel Instructor 843-782-8630 Sociology
Staff Mitchell, Arthur, PhD 803-812-7342 History
Staff Montjoy, Anastasia Financial Aid Counselor 843-782-8631
Staff Morris, Shelby Admissions
Staff Nesmith, Patricia OSP Administrative Assistant
Faculty Ngwane, Fidele F., PhD Assistant Professor 843-782-8649 or 803-812-7392 Mathematics
Staff Padgett, Kenneth T. Maintenance Supervisor – Walterboro 843-782-8635
Staff Padgett, Sabrina 843-782-8605 Admissions
Faculty Palmer, Chester Instructor Political Science
Faculty Peek, John Adjunct Instructor 843-782-8667 or 803-812-7386 Criminal Justice
Staff Phoenix, B. J. 803-812-7312 Maintenance
Staff Potts, Ray Information Resource Consultant 843-782-8625
Faculty Rack, Melissa J., PhD Assistant Professor 843-549-6314 English
Staff Ramirez, Nicole Spanish Instructor
Faculty Reid, Brian Instructor Biology
Staff Rizer, Dawn Administrative Assistant, Athletic Department –  Walterboro
Staff Robinson, Latoya Director of OSP 843-782-8654 or 803-812-7377
Faculty Rosof, Lisa, MA C-IAYT Psychology Instructor Psychology
Staff Rowe, Haley Human Resources Coordinator 803-812-7361 Human Resources
Staff Sanders, Stephanie Administrative Assistant for the Academic Dean & Faculty 803-812-7319
Staff Sandifer, William (Andy) Human Resources Director, Director of Facilities & Safety  803-812-7302
Staff Saunders, Larry Criminal Justice – Allendale
Staff Seabrook, Deborah Psychology
Staff Shabazz, Dwight Maintenance – Allendale 803-812-7312
Staff Shaffer, Joyce M. Library Assistant – Walterboro 843-782-8628
Faculty Shealy, Martin Instructor Biology
Faculty Siren, Joe Instructor 803-812-7376 Govt/Public Speaking
Staff Smith, Paul (Mike) Director of Enrollment Management 803-812-7436
Staff Smoak, Sheila Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Walterboro Campus 843-782-6300
Staff Stanley, Amy Business Office Manager - Allendale 803-812-7384
Faculty Steward, Rodney Assistant Professor 843-782-8632 or 803-812-7472 History
Faculty Strong, Larry, PhD Instructor 803-812-7344 Mathematics
Staff Thomas, Robert L. Administrative Assistant Alumni, Athletics, and Student Center 803-812-7348
Staff Tomlinson-Hooks, Melissa Student Services Program Coordinator – Palmetto College 843-782-8659 or 803-812-7358
Staff Tyndall, Laura Financial Aid
Staff Walsh, Gayle Director of Information Technology 843-782-8701 or 803-812-7301
Faculty Washington, Tammy B. Instructor Public Health
Staff Williams, April Administrative Assistant - Rural Nursing Initiative 803-812-7435
Staff Williams, Jake Head Basketball Coach 843-782-8616
Faculty Wooster, Benjamin Instructor Philosophy
Faculty Young, Margaret Instructor 803-812-7458 Foreign Languages
Faculty Zidlick, Pauline Instructor 803-812-7489 English