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Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords Department
Staff Green, Christopher, M. Ed, GCDF Director of Recruitment Office: 843-782-8623 Cell: 803-686-4669
Faculty Molian, Palaniappa Instructor Engineering
Staff Protheroe, Mark Instructor Spanish
Staff Alexander, Jackson Director of Salkehatchie Leadership Institute (803)-812-7354
Staff All, Jessica Director of Business and Campus Operations 803-812-7398
Faculty Banner, Carolyn Instructor 843-782-8682 or 803-812-7327 Public Health
Faculty Belangia, Shannon Instructor English
Staff Brown, Carmen Director of Admissions / Registrar 803-812-7318
Faculty Brown, Norman Instructor Religion
Faculty Burnett, Bryan Instructor Biology
Staff Burns, Francis M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemistry
Staff Carter, Margaret Administrative Assistant to the Dean 843-782-8644 or 803-812-7330
Faculty Cawley, Sherry Instructor Theater
Staff Cherry, David Lee, Sr. 843-812-6966 Business
Faculty Cone, April, DNP, MSN, RN Dean 843-782-8644 (Walterboro) or 803-812-7330 (Allendale)
Faculty Cueto, Ana Spanish Instructor
Faculty Dangerfield, David W. Assistant Professor 843-782-8641 or 803-812-7338 History
Faculty DuBois, Janet Adjunct Instructor 843-782-8645 Music
Faculty Dukes, John A, Dr. Instructor of Political Science 803-777-2277
Faculty Fears, Patricia S., Ed.D. Coordinator of Teacher Education Assistant Professor of Education 803-812-7328 or 843-782-8646 Education
Faculty Ferguson, Constance Instructor English
Staff Gant , Willette Financial Aid Counselor 843-782-8609
Staff Glass, Bill Head Soccer Coach 803-812-7256
Staff Glynn, Juliana Regional Admissions Representative Palmetto College 843-782-8694 Admissions
Staff Goodson, Suzanne Bookstore Manager - Allendale/Grants Manager 803-812-7397
Staff Goodwin, Jessica Librarian 843-782-8627
Faculty Gottesman, Carmela, PhD Associate Professor 843-782-8622 or 803-812-7340 Psychology
Staff Green, Rocshe Administrative Assistant Opportunity Scholars Program (803)-812-7487
Staff Gregory, Timothy Maintenance
Faculty Gruber, Stephanie Coordinator of Communications and Marketing Instructor of Computer Science 803.686.4665 Computer Science
Staff Hartzog, Kendall, Ph.D. Biology
Faculty Hatch, David Associate Professor 843-782-8653 or 803-812-7486 English
Staff Herndon, James Director of Maintenance & Safety – Walterboro 843-782-8668
Staff Hewett, Lamar, Jr. Business Office/Bookstore Manager – Walterboro 843-782-8608
Staff Hightower, Brenda Maintenance 803-812-7308 Environmental Health & Safety
Faculty Hollingsworth, Roy Instructor Biology
Faculty Hood, Mary Instructor Math
Faculty Iden, Kirsten, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of English 803-812-7329 or 843-782-8697 English
Faculty Irwin, Jeffery Instructor Accounting
Faculty Ivy, Robert, PhD Instructor Psychology
Staff Jackson, Nia Marie Recruiter & Admissions Counselor Office Phone: (843)-782-8605 Cell Phone: (803)-571-5993 Admissions
Staff Jamison, Lesley Management Instructor
Staff Johnson, Daniel McDonald Head Librarian 803-812-7353
Staff Jonason, Anna Instructor Nursing
Staff Joye, Jeremy Director of Athletics and Head Baseball Coach 803-812-7343 Baseball Athletics
Faculty Judy, Heather I. Adjunct Instructor OR Psychology
Faculty Kanapala, Allen J Instructor of Computer Science and Engineering 803-812-7315 or 843-782-8687 Engineering, Computer Science
Faculty Kilpatrick, Eran S., PhD Professor of Biology 843-782-8666 or 803-812-7432
Staff Kitler, Allison Director of Student Support Services 803-812-7377 or 843-782-8610
Faculty Lai, Wei-Kai Professor of Mathematics Division Chair of Math, Sciences, and Professional Studies Walterboro: 843-549-6314 Allendale: (843) 782-8611 Math
Staff Lee, Gwen iCarolina Learning Lab Coordinator – Allendale 803.812.7335
Faculty Love, C. Bryan Associate Professor of English Division Chair of Arts, Languages and Social Sciences 843-782-8675 or 803-812-7466 English
Faculty Mack, Ahron Instructor 843-782-8603 or 803-812-7396 Communications
Staff Maggio, Chris iCarolina Learning Lab Coordinator - Walterboro 843.782.7805
Faculty Maness, Holland Biology Lab Instructor Biology
Staff Martin, Frank Art History Instructor
Staff McCully, Joslyn Instructor English
Faculty Mehlenbacher, Conrad (Dutch) Professor 843-782-8664 or 803-812-7310 Art and Theater
Faculty Miller, Sarah, PhD Interim Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Professor of History 843-782-8665 or 803-812-7337 History
Faculty Milligan, Daniel Instructor 843-782-8630 Sociology
Staff Mitchell, Arthur, PhD 803-812-7342 History
Faculty Mogilski, Justin, PhD Assistant Professor 843-782-8680 Psychology
Staff Nesmith, Patricia SSS Advisor & Financial Literacy Specialist 803-812-7378 or 843-782-8654
Faculty Ngwane, Fidele F., PhD Full Professor 843-782-8649 or 803-812-7392 Mathematics
Staff Padgett, Kenneth T. Maintenance Supervisor – Walterboro 843-782-8635
Faculty Palmer, Chester Instructor 803-308-0894 Political Science
Faculty Paudel, Lokendra , Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics 803-812-7365 or 843-782-8698 Mathematics
Faculty Peek, John Senior Instructor 843-782-8667 or 803-812-7386 Criminal Justice
Staff Potts, Ray Information Resource Consultant 843-782-8625
Faculty Rack, Melissa J., PhD Assistant Professor 843-549-6314 English
Staff Robinson, Isaac, III Recruiter/ Admissions Counselor Office: (843) 782-6831 Cell: (803) 868-4668 Admissions
Staff Robinson, Latoya Adjunct Instructor 843-782-8654 or 803-812-7377
Faculty Rosof, Lisa, MA C-IAYT Psychology Instructor Psychology
Staff Rowe, Haley Interim Director of Student Success and Engagement Office: 843-782-8691 or Cell: 803-373-1959 Student Success and Engagement
Staff Sanders, Stephanie Administrative Assistant for the Academic Dean & Faculty 803-812-7319
Staff Sandifer, William (Andy) Instructor  803-812-7302
Staff Saunders, Larry Instructor Criminal Justice
Staff Shaffer, Joyce M. Library Assistant – Walterboro 843-782-8628
Faculty Shealy, Martin Instructor Biology
Faculty Siren, Joe Instructor 803-812-7376 Govt/Public Speaking
Faculty Smalls, Kevin Instructor Criminal Justice
Faculty Smoak, Ivey Andrew, III Adjunct Instructor
Staff Smoak, Sheila Administrative Assistant to the Director of the Walterboro Campus 843-782-6300
Staff Stanley, Amy Business Office Manager - Allendale 803-812-7384
Faculty Steward, Rodney Associate Professor 843-782-8632 or 803-812-7472 History
Faculty Strong, Larry, PhD Instructor 803-812-7344 Mathematics
Faculty Sullivan, Sherri Instructor Music
Staff Thomas, Robert L. Administrative Assistant Alumni, Athletics, and Student Center 803-812-7348
Faculty Vallejos, Yasmina, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of Spanish 843-782-8626 Spanish
Staff Walsh, Gayle Director of Information Technology 843-782-8701 or 803-812-7301
Faculty Washington, Tammy B. Instructor Public Health
Faculty Watkins, Marquita, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry (803) 812-7333 Chemistry
Staff Williams, April Administrative Assistant - Rural Nursing Initiative 803-812-7435
Staff Williams, Brooke Director of Educational Partnerships New Student Orientation 803-812-7331
Staff Williams, Georgeann Director of Financial Aid 803-812-7358 (A) or 843-782-8609 (W) Financial Aid
Staff Williams, Jessica Admissions/Registrar
Staff Wilson, Ashleigh IT Help Desk Manager 803-812-7414 Information Technology
Faculty Wolfe, April Clinical Instructor Nursing
Faculty Wooster, Benjamin Instructor Philosophy
Staff Wright, Brandon, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Success (843)-782-8601 or (803)-812-7355
Faculty Young, Margaret Instructor 803-812-7458 Foreign Languages
Faculty Zidlick, Pauline Instructor 803-812-7489 English