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Our campus has a strong focus on academic achievement along with leadership. We offer scholarships to help draw some of the finest academically prepared student leaders the region has to offer.

Available Scholarships

When you apply for scholarships, you'll automatically be considered for all available scholarships [pdf] you're eligible for. 

Lancer Scholars

Freshman applicants who have at least a 3.50 high school GPA are eligible for Lancer scholarships.  There are a limited number awarded each year.  In combination with State Scholarships and other scholarships, recipients of the Lancer Scholarship usually have full tuition, fees, books and supplies covered.  Applicants for the Lancer Scholarship who are not awarded will be still be considered for other USCL Scholarships.

Outside Scholarships

While USCL does a lot of scholarships many of our student receive scholarships from outside agencies, information about how to apply for these other scholarships is here

Palmetto College Scholarships

Thelathia Bailey Emergency Textbook Scholarship Application


How to Apply 

Scholarship applications may be picked up in the guidance offices of area high schools, in the Financial Aid Office at USCL, or choose one of the following online versions of the application to complete.


Important Dates

Students should file the USC Scholarship Application by the following deadlines.

Deadline Scholarship Who Qualifies
November 1 Lancer Scholarship Freshmen with a 3.50+ High School GPA on the SC Uniform Grading Scale
February 1 Other Freshman Scholarships Freshmen with a 3.00+ High School GPA on the SC Uniform Grading Scale
April 1 Continuing & Transfer Student Scholarships Upper Classmen with a 3.00+ USC GPA on the SC Uniform Grading Scale


Your Responsibilities

Our donors are important to us, because they help us bring  top students to our campus. If you receive a scholarship, you're expected notify the donor in writing of your appreciation for the scholarship and to attend the scholarship luncheon where you may be able to meet and thank scholarship donors in person.

If you're awarded a scholarship, you're usually required to "B" or 3.0 USC GPA to continue receiving the award for the second year and in some instances, for the completion of the degree program on the Columbia campus. Students selected for scholarships must enroll full time at USCL in order to receive their awards.


How Scholarships Are Awarded

Scholarship recipients are chosen by the Student Scholarships and Special Awards Committee on the basis of high school record, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or ACT scores, a committee interview, and other qualifications as established by the selection committee. Successful applicants are usually in the top 10 percent of their high school class, score 1100 or more on the SAT (or 24 on the ACT), or meet other designated criteria as determined by scholarship guidelines.