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Our university is home to groundbreaking sustainable energy research. Our daily operations also focus on reducing energy use and implementing sustainable practices for distributing energy across campus.

Campus Operations



Leading in Energy Research



Renewable & Clean Energy

Catalysis for Renewable Fuels Center

This UofSC center is developing catalysts that allow fuels to be produced from renewable sources. These new catalysts are the next big thing as the transportation industry moves to less dependence on imported oil and carbon fuel.

Electrochemical Engineering

This UofSC center spearheads the theory and practice of electrochemical power sources, electroplating and corrosion protection through education and research.

Industrial Energy Solutions

The SAGE (Strategic Approaches to the Generation of Electricity) Center is working on cutting edge electricity production research to help provide sustainable solutions to industrial-based problems. 

Waste-Free Power Systems

The HeteroFoaM Center team is focused on creating systems that create power without waste by-products.

Center for Rational Catalyst Synthesis Synthesis

CERCAS is developing catalysts that allow fuels to be produced from renewable sources, which is especially important for a less oil or cabon fueled transportation sector.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center

The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Center is located in the Department of Chemical Engineering in the Horizon I Building at the University of South Carolina. Our research center is focused on the integrated study of electrolyzers and fuel cells.

Nuclear Science and Energy Center

The Nuclear Science and Energy Center provides leadership in research and teaching, assists small businesses, and collaborates with industry, universities and governmental research organizations nationally and internationally to advance nuclear science and energy.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Center

As the only center of its kind in the nation, its mission is to apply science to drive engineering solutions to enable advanced clean energy systems for a bright and sustainable energy future. The scope of the center covers fundamental and applied research in energy materials, components and devices.


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