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The University of South Carolina has a reputation for being a beautiful place to learn and work due, in no small part, to our dedicated team of engineers, architects, crafts professionals, business support staff and administrative experts.

COVID-19 Adjustments

The teams at Facilities have installed signage in all "110" coded classrooms (do not use this seat, floor plans, face coverings required and administrative control signs) and in general spaces (directional signage for one-way traffic, face coverings required, wash your hands, etc.). Elevators also have signage promoting awareness of physical distancing guidelines. These signs SHOULD NOT BE MOVED.

Departments are responsible for placing signage in "210" coded classrooms, tape or adhesives to posts the signs, signage in public seating/gathering areas and any additional signage they deem necessary.

To get the "do not use this seat" sign from Facilities, contact Katie Stewart via email or phone (7-3501) with how many signs you need.

 Departments are recommended to post the following signs entering all classrooms:

  • A "face coverings required" sign
  • A floor plan
  • An administrative controls sign

For larger classrooms with more than one door, the following signage is required:

  • Signage designating the entrance only/exit only doors outside of classrooms
  • "One Way/help maintain safe physical distancing" sign on the classroom side of the exit door
  • "Use other door" sign on the classroom side of the entrance door

All signs may be found on the communications toolbox or may be ordered from Printing Services.

For departments or offices needing COVID cleaning supplies, please place an order on the Purchasing website.

If classroom sanitation supplies (aerosol cans, paper towels or disinfectant spray bottles) are out of stock or low, please fill out our order form.


South Carolina's Columbia campus is comprised of over 570 acres of parks, parking lots, athletic and intramural fields and equestrian facilities. With 189 miles of pathways, one of the best ways to experience campus is to take a walk.

Our landscaping team oversees the maintenance and planting of our green spaces. Nearly 6,000 trees are managed within the landscape of our award winning urban campus. By utilizing state-of-the-art software to inventory and map each tree, we are able to preserve the serenity of our grounds for generations to come.

The Arbor Day Foundation recognized our campus and community landscaping efforts with the Tree Campus USA Award

We also received a Green Star Grand Award from the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS) for our sound, professional grounds management program.

Sustainable landscaping and water management best practices, such as reducing chemical use and pursuing low-impact development, continue to be a priority as we advance our mission to increase the health and value of our campus green spaces.

Design Services provides architectural and interior design services for construction and renovation projects on all of the university's campuses. The team provides space planning and assists with budget development to strategize the best use of departmental resources.

The interior design team establishes finish and furniture standards for the university and specifies finishes and furniture for large construction projects, department renovations and general requests. The architectural team provides building code analysis/feasibility review and construction documents for renovation projects requiring space reconfiguration.

We work with Construction Services to quickly and efficiently complete projects. Each year, we renovate multiple classrooms across the campus as part of the continual effort to upgrade general instruction spaces.

Requests for services can be made through the request service form.

The Environmental Services team manages the disposal and recycling of university waste.

Our Gamecock Waste enterprise completes routes with over 150 trash and recycling dumpsters to remove over 300 pounds of student-generated trash each year.

We also supervise recycling efforts at South Carolina. Bins for paper, plastic and aluminum cans are convenient campus-wide. With help from our campus community, we are also able to collect a sizable amount of paper, metal, wood, electronics and other recyclable materials annually.

Our Carolina Recycling program fosters a healthy campus community by making waste reduction simple and convenient.

Our Custodial teams tend to an average of 66,000 square feet of academic and administrative buildings every day. The daily cleaning of this 6.2 million square feet of space is 2 ½ times the industry standard.

We supply and monitor campus heating, cooling, water and lighting. 

To insure that our university community has a comfortable and safe working environment, we manage an infrastructure of underground electric, steam and water piping over 20 miles long, 

To make sure we arrive on time and where we are needed, service requests are dispatched through our Customer Call Center.

It is our job to supervise:

  • Emergency call boxes
  • Emergency generators
  • Locksmithing and keys issued to university personnel
  • Campus lighting and electricity
  • Roofing 
  • Piping
  • Windows
  • HVAC filters 


We work together to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for our students, faculty and staff.

Facilities Department

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