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Buildings & Offices

All new campus building construction and renovation projects are built with sustainability standards in mind and pursue LEED certification or Green Globes certification on completion.

Green Globes Certified Buildings

The Green Globes certification program is a nationally recognized for assessing, certifying and providing guidance for sustainable buildings. Visit the Green Building Initiative site for more information.

  • Harper Elliott College
  • Football Operations Building
  • Bignon Gameday Center


LEED Certified Buildings

The LEED system (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is used around the world to rate green buildings and structures. It is governed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Visit the LEED site for more information.

This list is always growing! Join our efforts and get your office green certified

LEED Platinum


LEED Silver


Sustainable Buildings

These buildings are either pending LEED certification or are built to LEED standards but not yet certified. 

  • Band/Dance Building
  • Baseball Stadium
  • DeSaussure College
  • Close Hipp Renovation Discovery Research Building
  • Horizon Research Building
  • Maxcy College Renovation
  • Women's Quad Renovation
  • Pinckney / Legare


Green Certified Offices

These USC offices follow sustainability practices required to be part of the Green Office Certification Program:


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