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Ongoing Research Programs and Projects

Catalysis for Renewable Funds Center

The Catalysis for Renewable Fuels Center is developing catalysts that allow fuels to be produced from renewable sources. These new catalysts are the next wellhead as the transportation sector moves to less dependence on imported oil and carbon fuel. This center also serves as a resource for recruiting activities in the Midlands of South Carolina for companies associated with renewable fuels and alternative energy.  

Climate Research Lab

The Climate Research Lab provides technical support and equipment for research relating to climate change and variability, synoptic climatology, climate impacts, microclimatology, physical climatology, historical and paleoclimatology, aerosols and climate, and air pollution.

Electrochemical Engineering

The CEE is dedicated to integrated study of fuel cells, hydrogen storage, batteries, supercapacitors, corrosion, corrosion protection and electrodeposition of metal alloys and composites. It serves as a focal point for development of new power source technologies, novel corrosion protection strategies and environmentally-friendly coatings.

Energy Leadership Institute

The University of South Carolina's Energy Leadership Institute (ELI) is leading groundbreaking energy research across the state and region. The interdisciplinary research team covers the technical, economical and environmental aspects of energy production, distribution and utilization including wind, solar, nuclear, wave, coal, natural gas and fuel.

Environment and Sustainability Program

With research projects ranging from the study of wildlife populations at Chernobyl to the hidden signals of climate change, and classes as diverse as microbiology and green politics, faculty members in the Environment and Sustainability Program are leading global research and educating tomorrow’s environmental leaders.

HeteroFoam Center

HeteroFoaMs are Heterogeneous Functional Materials that comprise an energy system. Our team is developing a greater understanding of HeteroFoaMs in order to create systems that generate power without waste by-products.

International Sustainability Network

The International Sustainability Network is working to advance sustainability concepts at the global level through building international research and education linkages with students, faculty and others working on global sustainable development.

Marine & Coastal Sciences Research

The Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences conducts research and supports education to improve the management of marine and coastal resources and advance basic science for the well-being of people and their environment.

Sustainable Energy

The USC College of Engineering and Computing is driving energy sustainability efforts and recharting the energy landscape.

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