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Green Office Certification Process

Green Office Certification Logo

GO Green!

Getting certified as a green office is as easy as these five steps below. Get GOing!

  1. GO Interest Form 
  2. GO Training
  3. GO Pledge
  4. GO Evaluation
  5. GO Certification

Step 1: GO Interest Form 

Please fill out this interest form before you get started and designate an Office Coordinator. This individual will be in charge of motivating and helping their office strive for Green Office Certification, and they will be the designated point of contact for the Green Office Certification team. Any employee of the office may be chosen for the position.

GO Coordinator Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the establishment of a comprehensive recycling policy for the office 
  • Attend a 2-hour training where you will receive resources and implementation strategies
  • Be the liaison between the Green Certification Team and your office

Step 2: GO Training

The GO coordinator must attend a GO Certification Training. During the training, you will receive essential resources to make this project a success and learn strategies for implementing changes in your office.

There are no scheduled upcoming trainings.

Step 3: GO Pledge

We will send an email to the director and all members of the office to sign the GO Pledge. 

Step 4: GO Evaluation

After the GO coordinator presents what they have learned from the training program with their office, you will be on your way towards incorporating sustainability into culture of the office.

Changes to implement include:

  • Education: Training all staff members about sustainability
  • Waste Reduction: Establishing a comprehensive recycling policy
  • Purchasing: Implementing a more sustainable and efficient purchasing policy
  • Energy: Using energy efficient products and practicing ways to conserve energy

After the office as a whole has selected the ways it will integrate sustainability and implements their policies, the GO Team will conduct an evaluation of the office with the GO Coordinator to survey how sustainable the office has become. Once the team has completed the on-site evaluation, you will be on your way towards receiving certification!

Step 5: Certification

Once you have been verified for implementing sustainable practices in your office, the GO Team will provide you with your official Green Office Certification. Your office will receive:

  • An award to hang in your front office (or other common area).
  • Acknowledgement and promotion on our website.
  • A digital logo to place on your website that indicates your Green Office status.
  • A digital footer for your email signatures 

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