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Study Abroad Office

International Perspectives on Higher Education

Are you interested in having your own study abroad experience? Would you like to learn more about how education abroad at USC works? Consider participating in the International Perspectives on Higher Education (IPHE) program specifically designed for faculty and staff. 

Program Details

The 6th annual International Perspectives on Higher Education (IPHE) professional development program will take place in Bogata, Medellin, and Cartagena in Colombia during spring break 2018. Past programs visited Spain/France (2013), Italy (2014), Ireland (2015), Costa Rica (2016), South Africa (2017) and Vietnam (2018). The IPHE program provides participants with the ability to observe typical study abroad sites, with integrated internships, leadership development, and service learning opportunities for students.

Participants have the opportunity to live the student study abroad experience while participating in a faculty-led study abroad program, gaining exposure to local culture. The IPHE group develops a theoretical understanding of the differences between the higher education systems of the United States and the host country via a comparative, reflective approach. Participants also gain insight into how a faculty-led program operates on the ground.

Study abroad has become a necessity for our students, as we see the world shrink, opportunities and jobs expand globally and competition grows with fierce determinism. The visit served to reinforce my opinion that these programs are among the best that our students can choose to learn languages and cultures on their study abroad ventures.

— Loren Knapp, Ph.D, College of Arts & Sciences Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Student Affairs and Advising and 2013 IPHE participant

Apply Now

All USC faculty and staff who have received their supervisor's support are eligible to participate. The following individuals are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Staff and faculty who have never been outside of the U.S., or have very limited experience out of the country.
  • Faculty who may be interested in developing a Global Classroom program.
  • Staff from student affairs or academic units whose work directly supports Focus Carolina/USC Connect. 
  • Faculty from academic departments that are underrepresented in education abroad at USC.

A complete application will include the following items to be submitted to the Study Abroad Office by December 5:

  • Online application
  • Statement of interest with confirmation of departmental support (e.g. signature of supervisor/dean/department chair)
  • Non-refundable deposit.  Or, if being funded by his/her department, an intrainstitutional transfer memo may be submitted.  Contact the Study Abroad Office for more details.

Upon returning, all IPHE participants are responsible for completing a follow-on project to implement and share the knowledge gained during the program. Examples could include developing a short-term study abroad course, engaging in departmental curriculum integration, conducting a presentation on the IPHE outcomes for campus colleagues, or writing a campus news article about IPHE.