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Transportation & Road Safety

Any form of transportation presents a risk, however being mindful of where you are and what is going on around you can lower your risk.

While traveling around a foreign city, or in between countries, you should remember the following transportation tips:

  • Avoid traveling alone or late at night.
  • Use official transportation when available. Never hitchhike or use unregistered taxis. If you choose to use a ride-share service (Lyft, Uber, etc.) remember:

Ask the driver who they are there to pick up or what their name is
Match the driver’s photo and license plate to the information in the app
Inform others of your ride

  • Pay attention to the flow of traffic and speed regulations, and do not listen to headphones while walking in public.

We strongly recommend against renting a car and/or driving in a foreign country. Unfamiliar traffic patterns, driving laws, and styles of driving can present health and safety hazards to study abroad students. Additionally, automobile insurance in foreign countries is not necessarily as comprehensive.

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