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Education Abroad Office

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Application Tips

Congratulations on the next steps of starting your adventure abroad! Sometimes application processes can be difficult to navigate, but we want to provide you with the tools to make this process seamless. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Application Process


1. Where do I find the link to START a NEW application?

You can start a new application by clicking on the link provided here. Once you have clicked on the link, you can then select the Program Type you wish to apply to. Once you select the Program, there will be an APPLY NOW button. This link is ONLY for beginning a new application. If you already started an application and need to log back into the system to complete your remaining requirements, please see question #3.


2. I have submitted the initial application. What do I do next?

You will receive an automatic email from the system. Within this email, you will find a personal link for logging back into your application. PLEASE SAVE THIS LINK OR THE EMAIL; YOU WILL LOG BACK IN SEVERAL TIMES. Please see the Example 2 image on the right side of this page.


3. How do I log back into the application system AFTER starting an application?

At ANY point after completing the initial application, you must use the link provided in the email from question #2 (above) – this will allow you back into your application. If you lose this link, please use this one: You must use your CAS login and password – the same as your UofSC login information.


4. I am experiencing issues logging into the system. How can I fix this?

Our system does NOT work with mobile devices or Safari internet. Please verify you are not using either of these. If you are still experiencing issues with trying to log in on Chrome or another browser, please ensure you are using your UofSC CAS login information for ALL log in pages (even if the screen does not show the UofSC CAS log in page). If you are still experiencing issues after verifying both of the previous points, please contact our office at immediately.


5. When I log into my application, I am unable to complete any steps. How do I fix this?

If your screen looks like the Example 5 image, on the right side of this page, for LONGER than 24 HOURS, please contact our office immediately at   

  1. If you are experiencing any other issues where you are unable to complete a step or move forward with the process in the system, please reach out to us at


6. I am unable to find my institution in the drop down box for step “Program Selection.” How can I fix this?

You will need to contact our office in order to have this corrected. Please contact us at


7. If my application requires essays, can I save my work in the system when working on some of the essays, then complete the remainder at another time?

NO. Please complete ALL essays outside of the application system, then copy and paste all answers into the appropriate questions. Once you click “SAVE” you will no longer be able to edit this information, so they need to be complete before editing this step and selecting “SAVE."

  1.  If this happens to you, and you are unable to edit your essay answers, you will need to send ALL essay questions WITH your complete answers to Explain the situation and provide all answers, properly labeled. 


8. I have paid my application fee and submitted my application. What do I do next?

You will receive an automatic email from the system confirming your completion of part one requirements. Once our office has reviewed your application and approved your program, you will be notified by the system that your part two requirements are available for completion. If you do not hear from our office or receive the automatic email within one week after submitting, please contact us at


9. I am unsure if my application is approved. How do I verify?

Before reaching out to our office, please log into your application to see if there are any updates. If we have approved part one requirements, you will see part two open and available. If you have completed all part two requirements (up to, and including, the Pre-Departure Module step), then you have everything complete on your end. When our office has you enrolled in INTL/insurance and Final Approved, the last two steps in your application will have green check boxes. If the last two steps still have red boxes, your application is still being processed. We will reach out if we need anything further; however, you are welcome to reach out to us at to verify all requirements are complete.


10. I do not see where the Pre-Departure Modules are located. How do I find them in my application?

These Modules are located in your Blackboard account – specifically, under Courses. If you do not see this listed under Courses, please reach out to our office at Once you complete the modules, you will upload a screen shot of the completion badge into your application step.


11. What is the Education Abroad Approval Form?

This form is used to document the coursework you will take overseas and how it will transfer back to UofSC. You will complete this with your academic advisor. If you look at the Example 11 image, on the right side of this page, you will see that you download the form directly from your application, then upload the completed form back into the application a few steps later.


13. I am applying with the International Business abroad application for Spring semester. ALL of my locations are Category 1, but the application is requiring me to complete the Language Evaluation Form. How do I complete this step?

If all your locations are confirmed as Category 1 WITH your Academic Advisor in Darla Moore FIRST, please reach out to our office at so we can look into the issue.


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