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Education Abroad Office

Policies and Procedures

The work of the Education Abroad Office is governed primarily by university policies and office policies.  Operating by established policies and procedures helps us ensure we deliver high quality experiences for students, treat all students with fairness and consistency, and serve our constituents professionally and efficiently.

Education Abroad Office Policies

The Education Abroad Office charges the $150 Education Abroad application fee for undergraduate for-credit applications to provide essential professional support services to USC students participating in university-related education abroad programs, as well as parents and USC faculty and staff. Students must pay the non-refundable application fee in order to submit an application to participate in an education abroad program. This fee supports the expense of maintaining an online application system and covers the staff time required to review applications. The fee also provides critical funding for the functioning and operations of our office so we can provide the services described in detail below. Given the impact of the fee on the Education Abroad Office’s ability to support hig quality programs and provide extensive services to students, the fee is refundable in limited circumstances only.

Fee Explanation and Policy

In accordance with industry standards, USC requires students participating in Global Partner programs to reside in the housing provided by that partner. We follow this practice to promote the health and safety of students, as independently found housing arrangements do not always represent a safe or positive living experience for the study abroad students whom we support. If you feel your circumstances merit an exception to this policy (e.g. you require accommodations that are not available in program housing), please contact the Education Abroad Office as early in the application process as possible.

This process is applicable to students who traveled internationally for a university-related purpose (as outlined in ACAF 2.09), but failed to complete the EAO's application process in advance of their travel.  The EAO allows retroactive enrollment in limited circumstances. You may only apply for retroactive enrollment if your program is through one of our affiliated programs. Retroactive applications to unaffiliated programs are not permitted.  Retroactive applications will not be accepted from virtual programs through unaffiliated partners.  If our office has a record of correspondence with you regarding your need for an application from prior to your travel, you will not be eligible to complete the retroactive enrollment process.  

For students whose retroactive application eligibility has been approved, in order to process your transcript, our office will need to request a retroactive enrollment in the INTL placeholder course for your term abroad. The following steps need to be completed before you can be retroactively enrolled: 

  1. Pay the $150 application fee as well as the $50 late fee
  2. Fill out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Education Abroad Application in Google Forms
  3. When all steps are completed, please notify our office at A staff member will check your application documents and notify you if additional information is needed.  

University Policies

This policy establishes the protocols for creating faculty/staff-led overseas programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. This policy does not relate to academic major degree programs that are conducted overseas.


This policy outlines the university's requirements with regard to international travel registration, international travel insurance, university travel warnings, and international travel involving student groups.


This policy is to encourage new international academic programs. It provides guidance and potential funding mechanisms for colleges and schools in their efforts to promote international projects that would benefit the university as a whole.


This policy addresses USC tuition refunds for students participating on USC study abroad or exchange programs at times when USC must cancel the program(s) in the interest of safety and security. 







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