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Study Abroad Office

Volunteer smiling with a local girl in Suriname. (Courtesy of Peace Corp)

Peace Corps Prep

*Please note, we will not be accepting new applications during the Spring 2019 semester. Applications will once again be accepted starting May 1, 2019. 

The Peace Corps Prep program will prepare you for international development fieldwork and potential Peace Corps service. Through interrelated coursework, hands-on experience, and professional development, you’ll build competencies in training and experience in a work sector, foreign language skills, intercultural competence, and professional leadership development.

How Peace Corps Prep Works

We encourage all students interested in globalizing their academics and their career to complete the Peace Corps Prep program, regardless of their plans after graduation. Peace Corps Prep is for students from any major and upon completion, students receive a Certificate of Completion from the Peace Corps as well as a competitive edge when applying for Peace Corps Volunteer service. Please note however, that you are not required to apply to become a Peace Corp Volunteer upon completion of this program.

Four Core Competencies

In order to graduate from the program, you will need to complete the required courses and experiences outlined in the four core competencies below. Please note that Peace Corps Prep does not necessarily require you to complete extra courses in addition to your general course load, but rather, they should be complimentary.

  1. Training and experience in a specific work sector
  2. Foreign language skills
  3. Intercultural competence
  4. Professional and leadership development

If you have questions about your required courses, you will be guided throughout the process by our advisors, overseen by our Peace Corps Prep liaison, Chrissie Faupel, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising.


Once a student has completed all four core competencies, and completes an exit interview with our office, they will be granted their Certificate of Completion upon graduation from USC.

*Please note that while completion of this program increases your chances of being accepted into the Peace Corps Volunteer program, it does not guarantee it, and you will be required to apply to that program in the same manner as non-Peace Corps Prep applicants.