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HRTM 344

Personnel Organization and Supervision

This three hour credit course will introduce concepts and principles of Human Resource Management to students. Human Resource Management is a vital organizational concept in today’s professional world. The employee workforce represents an employer's largest controllable expense, and is also a critical factor in its success. As such, managers must understand their role in professional workforce management. This course will examine concepts such as overall management, corporate culture, recruitment, hiring practices, training, unions/collective bargaining, US employment laws and global implications in the marketplace. Your understanding of these course concepts will be evaluated by online exams, discussion boards and topic assignment papers.

Course Syllabus [pdf]

Download the course syllabus for full details about expectations, readings, assignments and more.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the overall purpose of Human Resource Management in the professional world.
  • Analyze employment laws and how they relate to the employee/employer relationship as well as the necessity of a diverse workforce.
  • Recognize the importance of the employee/employer relationship; including best recruitment, hiring, training, employee development and separation practices.
  • Describe the positive correlation of high-performance work organizations and great Human Resource practices.

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