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Faculty/Staff Instructions for Hiring Student Employees

Law students may work a maximum of 15 hours per week while classes are in session. University policy does not allow students who work for two or more departments to work over 20 hours per week in their combined positions. During the Summer session, unenrolled students may work up to 25 hours per week. 

All hiring is completed through the University’s PeopleSoft HCM system and the information reflected in the system must meet the parameters outlined above in order for the student to become an employee. If, for example, a student has an active position for 20 hours per week with another department at the time which they are seeking to become employed by the Law School, they will not be eligible for employment until this discrepancy is corrected within the PeopleSoft HCM system. It is each student’s responsibility to correct these discrepancies as they arise.  

Ronée Woodley is responsible for all student hiring. Students will be hired each semester after their supervisors confirm each student’s employment by e-mailing Ronée. This e-mail should contain the following information:

For Faculty

  • Student’s name
  • Number of hours per week

Please note that each faculty member is allotted an RA for up to 12 weeks (15 hours per week) per semester. During the summer, faculty are allotted an RA for up to 25 hours (15 if enrolled in classes) per week. If a faculty member is working on a special project and subsequently needs to hire multiple RAs beyond the 15 hours per week which they are allotted, the faculty member should contact Associate Dean Ned Snow directly for approval. Dean Snow will let Ronée know if the request is approved.

Students cannot begin work until their hiring packet has received final approval from HR. Ronée will email the supervisor and the student once HR has approved the student hire. All student employees have been instructed to submit their hours for each week by noon the following Monday in order for their timesheet to be approved on time.

HR has created a new Student Employment webpage, that includes instructions and resources about University employment for students as well as supervisors.


  • ASP Tutors are paid hourly and will need to submit their hours each week into the iTAMS system for approval.
  • LRAW Tutors are paid a salary and do not need to submit their hours each week within iTAMS.

Department Student Employees

Students may begin and end employment at any point as long as funding is available within the department’s budget. The hiring department must provide Ronée the student's name, the number of hours the student will work each week, the employment appointment period (start and end dates) and the supervisor's name.

Work Study Students

The employment start and end dates for Work Study (WS) students are determined by the Financial Aid Office. WS students may begin or end work at any time within that date range but are not permitted to work before or after those specified dates.

WS students must have an active Work Study award within the PeopleSoft HCM system in order to qualify for Work Study employment. Ronée will not proceed with the hire if the student does not have an active Work Study allotment within the system. It is the student’s responsibility to work directly with the Financial Aid office to correct any discrepancies should they arise.

Advertising for an open RA position

If you plan to hire a research assistant and would like Career Services to post your available position on Symplicity, please complete this form.

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