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Richland County CASA

Volunteers are appointed to appear in Family Court on behalf of children in abuse and neglect cases. Working with the Richland County CASA Project, students act as unbiased representatives for the child; conduct confidential investigations; assist in preparing a plan of action; with the aid of the child’s attorney see that all pertinent information is heard by the court; help coordinate suitable social services and ensure educational continuity.

Training: 15 hours of initial training, ongoing in-service, observation of a Family Court hearing; criminal record check

Purpose of pro bono opportunity

  1. To provide opportunities for law students to work along side the attorneys and clients in the child abuse and neglect system in SC
  2. To provide skills development and enhancement opportunities for law students
  3. To create an awareness of the problems and solutions associated with child abuse
  4. To observe and participate in the SC court system
  5. To navigate and work with a state agency

Requirements or qualifications

Law students must:

  1. be a good academic standing
  2. complete and submit the Volunteer Enrollment Form
  3. have an interest in serving vulnerable children
  4. must be 21 years of age and be able to pass a background check
  5. participate in and complete all training
  6. complete an application and sign associated documents.

Responsibilities of organizations

The Richland County CASA Office must:

  1. agree to properly supervise the law student
  2. provide clear and timely instructions
  3. provide feedback when possible.
  4. provide comprehensive training, initially and as needed
  5. facilitate communication with DSS as needed

Responsibilities of the students

The students must:

  1. communicate effectively and efficiently with the office, clients and the supervising attorney
  2. complete tasks in a timely and competent manner
  3. seek assistance when needed
  4. perform duties professionally
  5. treat this volunteer opportunity as if it was a paying or for-credit position
  6. investigate and make recommendations based on facts learned.

Skills Opportunities

The following Core Skills may be associated with this particular volunteer opportunity. Not all tasks will contain all of these skills. See the complete Core Competencies and Skills Inventory for more details.

  • Core Skill: Oral Communication and Listening Abilities
  • Core Skill: Writing Skills
  • Core Skill: General Research Skills
  • Core Skill: Critical Reading Abilities
  • Core Skill: Task Organization and Management
  • Core Skills: Professionalism

Next Steps?

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