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M.Y. Pro Bono (Managing Your Pro Bono)

The primary focus of M.Y. Pro Bono is about students managing their pro bono time. Is your pro bono activity meshing with the goals of the Program as well as what you want to accomplish? Keeping track of your time and your reflection fits with our ongoing paradigm that pro bono is personal. Hours of service performed is not the best measurement of progress but it does give you an idea of how you are balancing your work, school and life.

What can you do with M.Y. Pro Bono?

You can easily enter the number of hours you have volunteered; a great habit to master! You can also record your reflections on how you are doing in meeting your personal and career goals.  M.Y. Pro Bono also helps the Program gather important data for funding options and marketing material.  A win-win for all and easy to do.

How easy is it to use?

  • Simple! click on the link and answer the questions on the form.
  • You can respond multiple times and at any time. Consider getting into the habit of recording time every week!

Why would I want to do this?

  • Record your time/involvement (skill — Time management)
  • Monitor your progress in meeting goals (skill — Task Management and Strategy Development)
  • Program Development (skill — Professionalism)

How do I get started?

Click on the link and answer the questions. This form will be available for the entire academic year. In May of each year the results will be downloaded and restarted with a fresh form.

Thank you for participating.

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