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Practicum and Internship Policies

  1. All students will complete their practicum after the fulfillment of the pre-professional requirements listed in the HRSM academic bulletin. Typically, the practicum is completed the summer after the student's freshman year. Usually, students complete the internship during their last summer semester at USC after all or most of their coursework has been completed.

  2. The practicum and internship are meant to be a full-time position if taken during the summer. If a student wishes to enroll in other courses during the summer they are enrolled in the practicum/internship, the student is only allowed to take one Maymester course, one Summer 1 course, and 1 Summer 2 course in conjunction with the practicum / internship. If a student must take the practicum or internship during the spring or fall semester, students can expect to work approximately 25 hours per week and may only take up to three other courses while enrolled in the practicum or internship.

  3. Athletes will need to plan their practicum and internship around their sport. They are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor and internship director to lay out a plan of action to fulfill the requirements of an HRTM degree.

  4. The intern is under the jurisdiction and supervision of the business where he / she is interning and is expected to adhere to all rules and regulations of the supervising organization. A student who is terminated for cause by the hosting organization may receive an "F" for the class and be required to take it again before moving forward toward their degree.

  5. The student's supervisor will be requested to perform a performance evaluation mid-way through the semester and at the end of the semester. Supervisors may notify the internship director at any time with comments or concerns of quality of the intern's work. Occasionally, the internship director will perform a site visitation sometime during the semester of the internship.

  6. All interns are encouraged to keep a daily log of activities including a record of the hours spent on various projects. These activities will aid the student during their assignments throughout the semester. It is recommended that the interns journal about their experiences at the internship location— good and bad. The interns should also journal about challenges they have faced, how they overcome the challenges, behavior they notice in the workplace, etc.

  7. Upon completion of the program, the intern will submit a final report based on the requirements listed in the class syllabus, and may be asked to speak on their experiences to potential intern candidates in the department.

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