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My Chem/Biochem

Departmental Library Committee

The Departmental Library Committee advises the Thomas Cooper Library (TCL) on chemistry related materials and services.

The complete information on the library holdings and services can be found at its web site.

A guide to the chemistry and biochemistry resources from the University of South Carolina's TCL is organized as the LibGuide.

Chemistry and Biochemistry databases, including SciFinder, are described and accessible at the LibGuide.

The contact librarian for our department is Stacy Winchester ( in the Science department of TCL.

Find an Electronic Journal Link

  1. Go to Online Journals (TDNet). If you know the exact journal name, limit the search to exact string or exact phrase.
  2. Library Catalog may have a few extra links not in TDNet.
  3. If the journal or the article is not available, please fill out Interlibrary Loan (ILL) express request for it. The library will find the article and send its pdf to you. Moreover, the library tracks the demand for unsubscribed journals through these requests, which is important for decisions on new subscriptions.

Request a Book

The TCL allocates certain funds for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to purchase new books. Verify that your book is not available through the Library Catalog (the library regularly orders new books on their own). If the book is, indeed, unavailable and a short-term interlibrary loan does not meet your needs, proceed with the request:

  1. Log into the eRequest site. You will have to establish an account if you are new to the site.
  2. Enter as much information as possible to help the library find the correct item.
  3. Email the chair of the library committee, Sophya Garashchuk (, stating that you have entered a new request.  The chair must sign-off on the request before it will be processed. If you are a student or postdoc, copy your email to your research advisor to verify his/her consent.


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