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Murphy, S. A.; Meng, S.; Solomon, B. M.; Dias, D.; Shaw, T. J.; Ferry, J. L., Hydrous Ferric Oxides in Sediment Catalyze Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species during Sulfide Oxidation. Frontiers in Marine Science2016, 3, 227-236, 
DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2016.00227.

Dias, D.M.C.; Copeland, J.M.; Milliken, C,L.; Shi, X.; Ferry, J,L.; Shaw, T.J.; Production of Reactive Oxygen Species in the Rhizosphere of a Spartina-Dominated Salt Marsh Systems. Aquatic Geochemistry2016, 22, (5-6), 573-591, 
DOI: 10.1007/s10498-016-9307-1.

Murphy, S. A.; Solomon, B. M.; Meng, S.; Copeland, J. M.; Shaw, T. J.; Ferry, J. L. Geochemical Production of Reactive Oxygen Species From Biogeochemically Reduced Fe. Environmental Science & Technology 2014, 48, (7), 3815 - 3821, DOI:  10.1021/es4051764.

Burns, J. M.; Pennington, P. L.; Sisco, P. N.; Frey, R.; Kashiwada, S.; Fulton, M. H.; Scott, G. I.; Decho, A. W.; Murphy, C. J.; Shaw, T. J.; Ferry, J. L. Surface Charge Controls the Fate of Au Nanorods in Saline Estuaries. Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47, (22), 12844 - 12851, DOI:  110.1021/es402880u.

Burns, J. M.; Cooper, W. J.; Ferry, J. L.; King, D. W.; DiMento, B. P.; McNeill, K.; Miller, C. J.; Miller, W. L.; Peake, B. M.; Rusak, S. A.; Rose, A. L.; Waite, T. D. Methods for Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Detection in Aqueous Environments. Aquatic Sciences 2012, 74, 4, 683 - 734, DOI:  10.1007/s00027-012-0251-x.

Frey, R. L.; He, L.; Cui, Y.; Decho, A. W.; Kawaguchi, T.; Ferguson, P. L.; Ferry, J. L., Reaction of N-Acylhomoserine Lactones with Hydroxyl Radicals: Rates, Products, and Effects on Signaling Activity. Environmental Science & Technology 2010, 44, (19), 7465-7469, DOI:  10.1021/es100663e.

Burns, J. M.; Craig, P. S.; Shaw, T. J.; Ferry, J. L., Multivariate Examination of Fe(II)/Fe(III) Cycling and Consequent Hydroxyl Radical Generation. Environmental Science & Technology 2010, 44, (19), 7226-7231, DOI:  10.1021/es903519m.

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