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My Chem/Biochem

Internal Facilities

The department houses all of the infrastructure you will need to conduct cutting-edge scientific research.  From the latest in sophisticated instrumentation to computer clusters to a stockroom open daily, in-house support is one of our strengths.

Departmental Core Facilities

See the latest research facilities being used in our department.


Departmental Instrumentation 

Edinburgh FS5 spectrofluorometer can be used to acquire photoluminescence spectra of solid and liquid samples at 250-800 nm range.  It is equipped with a 150 W continuous Wave Xenon Lamp source for excitation; emission measurements are taken using a Hamamatsu R928P photomultiplier tube.  Since Edinburgh FS5 spectrofluorometer is equipped with an integrating sphere module, it can also be used to measure the photoluminescence quantum yields of solid and liquid samples.  For more information, contact Natalia Shustova at or call 803-777-1903.

Compact fluorescence /phosphorescence lifetime instrument for measuring samples in solution or in the solid-state.  For more information, contact Linda Shimizu at

2 medium pressure 450 W Mercury arc U.V. lamps in safety cabinets and a Rayonet photoreactor with two sets of lamps (low wavelength ~ 260 nm, and higher wavelength ~360 nm). Basic flow cells for UV-processes. For more information, contact Linda Shimizu at

This instrument is capable of a wide range of electroanalytical techniques and the rotator allows for experiment under controlled convection with real time electrocatalytic product monitoring.  It is located in the Horizon 1 building, room 031.  For more information, contact Aaron Vannucci at or call 803-576-6071.



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