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Courses Taught by Dr. C. Outten

Chem 655/Biol 668: Metabolic Biochemistry of Human Disease

The goal of this 3-credit undergraduate advanced biochemistry course is to apply the core concepts of biochemistry to understanding human health and disease using a patient-oriented approach. The course focuses on case studies in order to examine the basic science, diagnosis, and treatment of human metabolic diseases. The topics discussed are especially appropriate for those students preparing for careers in human and veterinary medicine and other health professions. Prerequisite:  Grade of C or higher in Chem 555/Biol 545 or Chem 550/Biol 541. May be taken for graduate credit.

Chem 752/Biol 718: Regulation and Integration of Metabolism

This graduate course covers the molecular pathways and regulation of carbohydrate, lipid, amino acid and nucleic acid metabolism at the substrate, enzyme, organelle, cell, organ and body level.

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