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Department of Psychology

Affiliated Research Institutes and Programs

Our faculty are integrated within several multi-departmental research communities.

Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program

The Behavioral-Biomedical Interface Program integrates training in multiple laboratories throughout Epidemiology, Exercise Science, and Psychology.  

Integrated Faculty: Rose Booze, Steven Harrod, and Charlie Mactutus


Institute for Mind and Brain

The Institute for Mind and Brain is an integrated research hub for scientists interested the structural and functional bases of higher cognitive processes in the human brain.  The institute has research facilities for research involving performance measures, HD-EEG/ERP recording, EMG, and Eye-Tracking as well as computer laboratories.

Integrated Faculty: Amit Almor, Rutvick Desai, Jessica Green, Sandra Kelly, Robin Morris, John Richards, Chris Rorden, Svetlana Shinkareva, Jennifer Vendemia, Dogulas Wedell


McCausland Center

The McCausland Center for Brain Imaging houses the Siemens 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging System as well as support for the development and implementation of a variety of MRI related research paradigms.

Integrated Faculty: Amit Almor, Rutvik Desai, Jessica Green, John Richards, Chris Rorden, Svetlana Shinkareva, Jenniver Vendemia, Doug Wedell


High Performance Research Computing

The Research Computing Center provides the USC community with access to high performance computing systems, remote and collaborative visualization resources, data storage, user services & software packages, assistance with HPC code development, and opportunities for computational research collaborations. These resources allow researchers within the experimental program to conduct machine learning simulations, assessment of quantitative methodologies, analysis of Neuroimaging data, and analysis of large sample data sets.

Integrated Faculty: Amit Almor, Rutvik Desai, Amanda Fairchild, Jessica Green, Alberto Maydeu-Olivares, John Richards, Chris Rorden, Dexin Shi, Sventlana Shinkareva, Jennifer Vendemia, Doug Wedell

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