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Department of Psychology

School Mental Health Undergraduate Internship

The School Mental Health Undergraduate Internship is an effort to create a school mental health liaison role to help connect students and families to the opportunities and resources provided by the school mental health professionals. 

Eligible students

This program will recruit undergraduate students who have completed at least two years of schooling and are interested in pursuing a career in school mental health (e.g., clinician, social worker, psychologist, counselor).  

School Mental Health Intern  (250 hours) 

Milestone One: Learn the roles of the school mental health team. Work with the school mental health clinician, counselor, social worker, psychologist, nurse, resource officer or other team members to promote and support school mental health.

  • Help to clearly identify the roles of the professional they are shadowing.
  • Support mental health team members to improve student and family engagement and build community connections.

Milestone Two: Identify resources at the school and in the community.  

  • Meet with a group of students and discuss their understanding of the role of the professional they are shadowing.
  • Identify the top areas of need unique to their school to provide school mental health support.
  • Create a survey/needs assessment for families and students. (Additional research opportunities may be available for Graduation Leadership Distinction.) 

Milestone Three: Complete training with the UofSC team to provide appropriate mental health support to schools.

As a result of completing training modules, interns will be able to meet the needs identified by their school.

Milestone Four: Develop materials to inform families, students and schools of the roles of the mental health team.

  • Collaborate with students and other school personnel on best ways to communicate information about school mental health personnel.
  • Establish a program that helps connect students and families to school personnel.
  • Develop materials to distribute.

Milestone Five: Conduct a needs assessment to help facilitate meeting the mental health needs of students and their family. 

  •  Conduct a survey to determine the needs and interests of student and their families as it relates to mental health 
  • Collaborate with school personnel about questions or concerns they have regarding the services they provide
  • Suggest future directions

Milestone Six: Interns will attend at least 20 hours of professional development (10 hours with a mental health team member and 10 hours with UofSC team). Professional development may include such activities as: 

  • Webinars 
  • Conferences 
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions in Schools (PBIS) meetings

Role of the School/District

  • School leaders will identify a primary supervisor to assist the intern with meeting milestones and learning the school culture.
  • The supervisor will meet regularly with the intern and provide updates on the progress of the intern (prompted by UofSC team).
  • The supervisor will identify any barriers to the intern completing milestones at the outset of the internship.


The School Mental Health Undergraduate Internship is supported by a grant provided by the BlueCross® BlueShield® of South Carolina Foundation

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